Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life's tough!!

This post is especially for my English blogging friends. This ship has been sitting in front of our house for a few days - and no they haven't put any money in the parking meter!!! Apparently it is owned by an English "health provider".

Now this little beauty is 55 metres long and apparently worth 55 million euro. There are 13 staff that cater for the gentleman and his wife's every need as they sail around the world on their 3 year vacation - and no we haven't been invited on board, even with all my champagne flute waving from the deck!

All I can say is - you guys must be paying a hell of a lot for your health insurance and therefore, on my calculations, you own some of this!!! What bit do you want me to carve your name on?

For my Australian readers Kerry Stokes is also here, sailing around in his "little ship." Nice to be some people isn't it?

Sorry - I couldn't post to my Vietnam blog today as it has taken me one and a half hours to get this post published and I don't have the time or the patience to try and do Vietnam as well. I'll will wait and hopefully I can do it tomorrow.


dive said...

Jules, we have the National Health Service over here. We don't need any private health insurance.
Though some idiots pay it because they don't want to sit in a ward with "common people" like me.

Which makes me think that "health provider" is a euphemism for somebody in the drugs trade. Here I group companies such as Wellcome and Merck along with drug smugglers … they make obscene profits from drugs that are urgently needed in poor third-world countries and deny them affordable drugs for AIDS and malaria. I suspect that is what paid for that yacht.
Do you have any leftover WWII artillery in working order? A few well placed shots should make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

that's quite the ship... Ill gotten gains? Polished every morning no doubt!
Planet Earth Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Dive... has a good idea. WWII ordinance could accidentally explode nearby. We got big ass problems in America with health insurance, medicine and doctors. All get something out of the system as it is and bawl all the way to the bank if the people threaten to elect people to change it. You could get a couple of stray dogs to piss on their boat. I would bet a dollar that they have taken a photo of your house at least once and incorporated it into a Power Point presentation they have already sent back to European friends. And, if that is true, then they are using something more modern than phone dialup lines. That means you could probably use their wireless system yourself. Just try it. If you have a portable, unplug the phone line and turn the computer on and then try to get on the Internet. It will take some time as it searches for their wireless system but it looks close enough (the ship) without any interference in the way. I bet you can and it would be super-fast on their connection.

Jules said...

Veeeeery interesting Dive!!!! I have no weapons laying around the house but maybe i could go down to the war museum and find a few things to throw at it If not maybe i could use my new found diving skills to sneak under the boat and pull out the plug!!!

But..... if what Abraham says is true than maybe I'll put a whole heap of posts in draft before i sink her!!! I heard tonight from a friend who spoke to the woman last night that a brand new boat is being built as we speak to replace this old tired one!!! Spew!!!!

Thanks for dropping by - I'll will try and visit you soon.

Chuckeroon said...

...can't be British if it cost Euro! We deal in Stirling Pounds here. Anyway, after all this I suspect you have blown your chance of getting in invite on board. Isn't free speech wonderful?

Tom said...

Sink it.. pull the plug on their love boat Jules..
It's their fault you can't get on the interweb ha! I can just make out someone with a wi-fi Laptop pointing and laughing.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how resourceful dive and oldmanlincoln are. Wow, that's how useful blogging friends can be... provided you can get your message out, and that reminds me how lucky I am now to have unlimited internet connections.

I remember sailing in the bahamas and the caribbean and anchoring next to yachts as big as this one... in those days we used to live on a budget of US $100 a month . Theirs was probably 1000 times that. But in the end we all enjoyed the same sunset. I felt very lucky. I still do.

Chuckeroon said...

@your comment on my Nov 11th...yes it's the same. Interest has grown. It wained in 70s but has come back. School tours to Flanders' fields and when pos. Gallipoli are big.

imac said...

Yep, Health Service, No wonder its in a bad way ie short staff(where its needed) on the wards and floor, not in offices where bosses look to save money.

Who is this welthy man??

Good shot Jules.

(sorry to rant)

Jules said...

I was all prepared this morning in my camauflage diving gear - I snuck down to the beach - and buggar the ship has gone - could it have been all the bad press????

M.Benaut said...

Wow, I reckon that I could see HWDB, paddling out to the boat with the laptop.
I guess you'll be well-prepared next time, Jules.
Magnifico !

david mcmahon said...

If it's in ya backyard - claim it!

Lizzy said...

Was it a Sunseeker?

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

That's a nice photo. What a view to have from your home! And you are so funny. :)