Monday, December 3, 2007

Church at Kadakada

Along the North Coast Road you can find some quaint churches - this is the Methodist Church at Kadakada.

BTW My Vietnam Blog has a belated bridge for our Theme day yesterday - cross over and see it!!!


Kate said...

What a sweet looking chapel and peaceful place to worship.

Steve Buser said...

Jules, been away for a couple days, and wanted to stop in and check on your Theme Day Bridge post. Wow. Not at all what I was expecting to see. But then again, that is what I have come to expect from your photos -- the totally unordinary.

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Clueless in Boston said...

Very pretty little church. It looks like an A frame ski chalet, except there is no snow in PNG :) Have a great week.

dive said...

I like the cross-shaped window.

imac said...

Cute Church, nice one ..

Congrats Jules, you have won the Giveaway, see my post for details. Well Done.

quintarantino said...

That's a nice church.

david mcmahon said...

Great place to worship, Jules. Love your Sea and Sky picture and wow - congratulations on winning Imac's contest.

Good on ya.

Janet said...

Very attractive A-frame structure.

M.Benaut said...

I can hear the choir singing Christmas carols. It doesn't sound like a stuffy choir in Oz.
It has real spirit, just like your photo.

Jilly said...

Reminds me of A-frame houses I used to see in Cairns in Queensland. Very nice. If it didn't have the cross on the front, you'd not know it was a church.

Tom said...

Now that is a nice Church.. I like the frontage, and the design..

ro_pumpkin said...

very peaceful place , simple but great looking church .
very very hard to choose but my favourite 3 posts from your blog for november are : nov 10 - faces in a cloud ; nov 17 - baining fire dancers ; nov 25 - lukim yu . thank you .

Squirrel said...

Wow--I posted an eerily similar looking church on my blog yesterday. Except mine was pinkish...

Marie said...

Very nice chapel indeed :-))

I forgot to tell you that last week I went to see a film about the Leahy brothers, those Australians who went to search for gold in PNG in the 1930s. That was very interesting. Have you heard of them?

Jules said...

Hi Marie - wow - stunning new photo!!!!
Yes the Leahy Boys are quite a bunch and there are now lots of their off-spring around the place. i have seen those films and they are amazing. i bet you were able to watch them with more understanding after all your visits here!!!

squirrel - will pop over and see your church

ro_pumpkin - glad you like those photos

clueless - you are right - not a snow flake in sight!!!

Imac - how exciting - many thanks!!!

imac said...

cblroHi ,

3 Gs post now up

photowannabe said...

Interesting use of the windows. I like the peaked roof.

NorthBayPhoto said...

A very beautiful church and setting. Wonderful photo.

Chuckeroon said... Built to shed rain, and divert the cyclonic blast upwards, and pinned down. Added to that, we have the power of prayer. Nice and simple! ;-)

Joy said...

That's a very 'intimate' church! Looks like a tepee. I like it.

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• Eliane • said...

That is a cute little church.

Anonymous said...

Oh the nostalgia PLUS.
I can just about hear the singing in Kuanua and in just about 6 part harmony. Music goes straight to the emotions bypassing thought processes and these memories go back to 1965 to 1971 from working in Rabaul.
I still have my "Buk Tabu Kalamana" (Tolai Bible)in which I used to compare my English Bible in particular Paul's letter to the Corinthians. This was to learn Kuanua but I probably learnt more of Paul's converted love of Jesus as a result. Funny about that :-)
Stay safe. Boina Kiake.

Jules said...

Frank - hi - aaah now your other comments make sense!! So glad these photos have brought back memories for you. If you go back through my older posts you will see a number of other churches and other places that may look familiar.
So glad you are able to visit it is great making contact with past residents of this amazing place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules.
Yes thanks for the photographic and other memories. Rabaul was surely the jewel of the Pacific. I've many pictures of a VERY BIG 1965 Tubuan and DukDuk ceremony when a very wealthy man died.

I pray the churches are growing despite the rascal, social, corruption and family challenges in PNG. Bless the ongoing work of the missionaries.
Our Anglican Church on the corner in Rabaul was destroyed in the eruption I heard.
Friend Meli Paivu spent the whole day as a personal guide when my P.O. ship visited for that day exactly 2 weeks to the hour before the eruption. A celebration cruise for the 50th anniversary of the Coral Sea battle with few dry eyes amongst the old diggers sailing into Simpson harbour past gently-steaming Matupi volcano.

About 1968 villagers sang hymns at the site of a tragedy when sky divers were caught/suspended in a cloudy updraft after they left the aircraft.
The pilot didn't know this, flew around to check, and hit one or more of them and crashed.
I was on duty at the ABC studios in the half-round tin shed in Malaguna Road that Sunday evening and vividly remember the announcer Grey Easterbrook playing "The carnival is Over" (Seekers)and he read the news bulletin.
His girlfriend had died.
That song became permanently attached to my emotions of that tragedy.
I did lots of night fishing in canoes with friends who were S.D.A. and good kind of people, the Ereman family in particular.
I had a lot of time for the Tolai's.
Boina Marum.

Anonymous said...

The comment on December 16 2007, brought back many memories and feelings. I have never been to Rabaul, but felt as if I knew it well. I met Grey Esaterbrook on Cocos (Keeling) Islands in 1969. We formed a wonderful relationship which never really managed to get off the ground. I loved him for a very long time. He lives in Darwin now.

Anonymous said...

hi. my names charmaine, im fron rabaul. that church is actually "kabakada" united church and not kadakada :)

Anonymous said...

Dan Leahy.
Wow time has passed since my last posts but just saw comments above about the Leahy family. So happens that Danny Leahy was my neighbour over the road near Toowoomba Queensland and by chance I met him near the fence on his 150 acre block and we had a great chat. We chatted a bit in pidgin to revive old memories.
He was the loveliest compassionate guy who told me how he looked after workers in the highlands of PNG and I couldn't help thinking it may have been from what appeared to be a hair lip.
That may have been about 2007? but certainly was only about 2 weeks before he left us and I guess he was about 80.
A wonderful person bless him.