Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's to a Bloomin' Great - 2008

There will be no fancy fireworks here in Rabaul tonight to welcome in the New Year, so I decided that I would shower you with flowers from Debbie’s garden in Kerevat instead.

I wish you and yours the very best of health and happiness for 2008.
I hope you get everything you want!!

I adore "quotes", so here are some pertaining to this time of the year that caught my eye:

"I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser."
- Robert Paul

"New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions."
-Mark Twain

and my favourite -

"Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to."
-Bill Vaughn


Donna said...

Fun quotes and beautiful flowers! Thanks! Happy New Year to you also! Be safe and do happy things today!!!

Marcel said...

I agree the flowers are very beautiful and I love the colors. I also agree fun quotes.

To quote a friend "it will be great in 08!"

Happy New Year to you!

Annie said...

What a bounty of beauty you show us today. Thanks and Happy New Year to you, Jules.

slim said...

The floralworks are gorgeous . . . you captured them so nicely . . . loved the quotes as well . . . Happy New Year to you.

Marie said...

The phootos are very beautiful as usual!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Jules, and thank you for making us dream with this magnificent blog.

quintarantino said...

I think we should find a middle term... between being allowed to saty up late and forced to do it... I know, we want too...
Happy New Year, Jules!

dive said...

Beautiful flowers, Jules.

I'm definitely with Mark Twain on that one!
And I will not be staying up late.

dive said...

And Happy New Year, by the way.
Sorry, I was too steeped in humbug to remember to wish it in the last comment.

Bill said...

The color in Delta is a bit different this time of year :) Nice shots.

Anonymous said...

What stunning flowers Jules. Yes, 2008 we hope will be great.
Fancy Mark Twain having such depth on the topic of promiscuous drunks. I tend to agree with him on that one too.
I can't remember the year that I felt that I didn't need to stay up to usher in the New Year and the disappointment that came with it - that I was so world-weary that it didn't matter any more. P'raps that is just as well (that I can't remember which year it was!!)
Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours from us.

Jilly said...

beautiful flowers. I used to grow some of these in my garden in Cairns. Your blog always makes me homesick for far north Queensland - and you are even further north! I love your blog, Jules - thanks for all the great photos and words too.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Dream all the good dreams.

Sally said...

A beautiful bouquet to bring in the new year.

Happy New Year from Sydney.

Jules said...

Hi All
Mme Benaut I sooo agree with you!!!
We didn't go to the huge party at the golf club this year HWDB was so exhausted after the Xmas trading and stock-take that we decided to have a quiet one. the girls were delighted as they didn't have to get dragged home at 12:05 am and made their own artrangements for the night.
I fell asleep at about 10 pm watching TV and was awaken by explosions - the neighbours were throwing something into the fire - hairspray cans it sounded like!!! Then the music got loud so I stumbled around the house looking for my ear plugs. The last time I had used them was the day I posted and the piggy was getting strangled next door. Where were the bloody things?? I was on my hands and knees under the computer desk to no avail. i considered stuffing my ears with wet bread but ended up with my finger in one ear and my head jammed into the pillow - I actually went back to sleep in this position - God what an old bag I've become.

I told Dive that my New Year's Resolution is to be a good girl this year. well it's been 2 hours since i got out of bed and I'm finding it very boring. I may not last!!!!

Cheers All!!!

imac said...

Hey, I got a photo of that flower it was at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

nice shots.

Wishing you and all your family a very happy new year.

Neva said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!Looking forward to many more with you!

Chuckeroon said...

Good Morning, J!

I hope that you do not have any trouble downloading my "upsized" images on the "new" R u T. Truth is, I hesitated for a while because you had once said that you found R u T easy to download. But, others were calling for bigger I took the plunge.

Tom said...

Fantastic words and pictures Jules.
I enjoyed all my visits here in 2007 so I just know that 2008 will see me happy to be visiting here all year long

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Wish you a happy New Year!

They are suck beautiful flowers.
Sorry, I have not been able to visit as often or regularly as before. I am just catching up.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Forgot to mention - the Mark Twain quote on humbug resolutions reminds me of this I read somewhere a long time ago - May your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions. :)