Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ash, ash go away.........

While you were all sweating it out on the Kokoda Trail the wind was causing havoc here. These photos were taken over the back fence at the school I work at.

Normally the view looks like this

.... but with prevailing winds blowing this way and the volcano active, the ash is dumping on us!! Schools are closed, flights have been canceled and everyone is miserable. We aren't too bad here in Takubar but in Kokopo and around to Rabaul it has been very bad. Traffic was almost at a standstill yesterday the ash was so thick.

Last Wednesday though the school and our house copped it. This is the ash under the school on Thursday afternoon.

Soon the winds will change and blow it away..... so we wait with dwindling patience.


Anonymous said...

I would be no good there as I can't have a wood stove here because of the smoke and ashes bothers my breathing.

quintarantino said...

Oh, so did Mr. Volcano started working again or is he always smoking around?

dive said...

I'm sure you just post the volcanic ash photos to make us feel less jealous about you living in paradise, Jules.
It doesn't work. Hee hee.

Daniel J Santos said...

excellent volcano photos, impressive...

Bergson said...

superb photographs!!

the eruptions of ashes must be impressive

M.Benaut said...

I'll just bring few vacuum cleaners.
Can't wait to see it.
That's one impressive volcano; you definitely wouldn't need TV. One could watch this and be far better entertained !!

Tom said...

I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow the ash away.. :O)

Squirrel said...

Like Dive said...the other side of paradise, but it still remains a paradise!

photowannabe said...

Oh my, those are very dramatic shots. Breathing must be so difficult. What a mess to clean up. Hope the wind shifts soon for you.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Is the volcano active throughout the year? And how often does the wind blow your way?
Spectacular photos for a spectacular situation.

Jules said...

Hi All
The day has dawned clear - let's hope the wind stays away.

Quinto - the volcano has been active for awhile (in different degrees) but it is just the wind at this time of the year - it blows the ash this way at times!!!

mb - send more vacumm cleaners. we could sit on the beach infront of my place with a bia or two and watch the fireworks!!!

Tom - you're a darlin' - keep blowin'

photowannabe - people in town are wearing masks and cloths over their faces to protect themselves.

Jules said...

Hi Nathalie - you posted just as I posted - it has been active for awhile although it is just as likely to stop for 12 mths or forever - no one knows. When it is ashing a lot and the wind is coming this way which happens at this time of the year for 4 or so months we get ash on and off. This is the second time this season we have had trouble.

Dive & Squirrel - it is paradise this morning - let's hope it stays that way today!!!

abe - you should stay away for awhile - it wouldn't be good for you


Anonymous said...

Goodness - you sound so matter of fact about it, I think if I saw that volcano I'd be quite scared! Hope it blows another direction soon.

Jilly said...

Grat photos, as always, Jules. Reading the messages I see the winds have changed or gone away and you've a clear day. good. Not naice for chests, that sort of thing. Must be really depressing to live in that grey. Glad you posted the before and after shots.

alicesg said...

I think I pack my bag and take the 1st plane out. lol. No volcano for me. Take care.:)

Donna said...

Geez, but you close to that thing!!! There's always a blemish on the face of beauty, isn't there!! Love to you Sweetie and BE SAFE!!hughugs

Denton said...

Wow what a big difference. It does not sound pleasant.

Marie said...

That's terrible. Do you wear to have to wear a "mask" to breathe?

Marie said...

I wanted to say '"do you need to wear a mask".... :-))

Jules said...

Hi Marie - people in Kokopo where the ash was worst were wearing masks or had cloths over their noses and mouths. We weren't as badly affected here and didn't need to but after being outside our skin was all gritty and our feet dusty from walking in the ash all over the grass.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

uugh!! I cannot even imagine that kind of a mess! It must be awful to keep a clean house.

I know...there's an active volcano spewing ash and all I can think of is how difficult it must be to keep your house clean. lol :)

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