Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

Lynn from Cheltenham asked me for some beach photos, and a photo of where I lived.

So here they are Lynn!!!

This is my house - behind the coconut palms.

This is my front yard.

This is a typical beach up here. Notice there isn't a Club Med in sight!!!

Life is tough but some us us have to do it!!


• Eliane • said...

Not too shabby! You should start a b&b. It would sure beat any Club Med on earth!

Willow said...

So like my home in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia! We took weekly trips to Pasir Putih (White Sands Beach)and swam in that warm tropical sea. The color of the water in your photos is right on.

Clueless in Boston said...

It looks like hell Jules, if somebody has to do it, I'm glad it's you:)

I'm with Eliane, you should start a b&b.

USelaine said...

Holy smokes! That is amazing. I love it when your internet connection is working, but hey, what a way to be off-line!

Jules said...

Eliane - I would so love to!!! You can be my first customer.

Willow - it is amazing isn't it. you must miss it.

Clueless - you can be my second customer - plenty of sunscreen to go around!!!

Jules said...

uselaine - we both commented at exactly the same time - how amazing!!!

Yes when the internet isn't working I do have a lovely view to look at!!!

dive said...

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!

Katie said...

Wow Jules, I'm stopping by via Petrea's, and your place is now going to be a daily stop on my tour around blogville! I know very little about PNG, but now I'm going to learn a lot!! Oh and can I be your third B&B customer? Since Dive was just swearing, I couldn't tell if he liked the place or not. Now to take a spin around your blog archives!!

Tom said...

Hi Jules...
Will you swop for a two up two down mid terrace.. please..

Beautiful location Jules, made better by the fact you and HTDB live there. ;o)

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Oh my goodness do you WANT to make me cry? This is so idyllic, Jules. Thanks for posting it, i adore it. Were you actually standing in that clear blue sea of the 1st pic? MMMmmmmm i could just feel it lapping around my legs. The beach is what dreams are made of. It really is a sight for sore eyes - or tummy in my case. lol! Thanks.

M.Benaut said...

This is so unfair, Jules.
While we are all relaxing complacently amongst our droughts, bushfires, tempests, floods and snow, you are valiantly battling on with all this dreadful placid water, fish and tropical warmth.
You must be just sick to death of it all.
If you get to the point of chucking it all in, you can be sure that your blog-friends will be right there, with gin, flippers and pale skin. Can't think of anything else one might need !

Happy Mother's Day to you, Jules.
I'm sure there has been some long calls.

MmeBenaut said...

I'm imagining sinking slowly into those luscious blue warm waters ... ah, heaven. Lucky you, Jules and Happy Mother's Day dear.

Donna said...

Happy Mothers Day Sweetie!!hughugs
The pictures are fantastic...

Marcel said...


It is easy to see that there is more than one kind of paradise. You live in a tropical paradise while we live in a very different kind of paradise. I can tell I’d very much enjoy visiting your paradise for a while and I know I’d be in the water every day.

Thanks for posting. It was very fun to see where you live!

Jules said...

Hi All - thanks for your comments - the funny thing is it is pouring rain at the moment with heaps of lightning and thunder!!

Hi Katie - Welcome to PNG - it is certainly a land of contrasts. Just ignore Dive - he complains all the time - he really does love it here - and me!!!!

Hi Tom - see you soon???

Lynn - Wow- you are dressed just right for the visit!!!
I was actually in a boat heading out to Pigeon Island!!

M B - plenty of gin and plenty of warm water!!!!

Thanks Mme B & Donna - hope you had a good one too!!!

Stevenson Q said...

wow! All I can say is wow! Why is survivor never yet set in your beautiful country! And your frontyard, Stunning! God bLess you! Have a great week^^

lv2scpbk said...

That water looks so clean. Around here some of it isn't that clear.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ok, different outfit, but i've come, time-travelled from 83, dressed again for the occasion! Oh i had to come back again and drool....Mme described it perfectly... those waters. Like Katie, i'm going to have a look around your blog more, i rarely have the time to do that. Off i go....

Bergson said...

Too much paradisiac!!!

I sell all and I come to live in Papua New Guinea

M.Benaut said...

Je crois que Bergson va vendre sa maison. Moi aussi.
Il y aura des milliers de bloggers au PNG.

I reckon Bergson is going to sell his house.
Me too. There will be thousands of bloggers in PNG.

Especially with Lynn in THAT swimsuit !

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I'm back! I've had a good look around and adore where you live. In particular, i find interesting the small islands - Deserted Islands you call them. Pigeon Island, Pirate Ship Island named by your children! Lovely, just lovely. I want to know more about them. Who owns them? (er, the islands, not your children!) Are they for sale ever? What's on them? How far from you are they? I'd love to see more pics when you get a moment. I've enjoyed searching around on your blog Jules, thanks!

Anonymous said...

No way!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Right, Jules, i've come dressed for a night in Rabaul. I'm guessing we're on the veranda with cocktails, watching the sun go down? Suits me fine. lol.

Jules said...

M B - Gosh all these visitors - I had better go and buy more gin & bia!!

Yes Lynn we are all out on the deck looking at the sunset. That is where we were standing when I took the Sky Watch photos.

Re island ownership - it is all very complicated and much it may seem deseted and unoccupied until you want to build something somewhere and then everyone seems to own it.

Cavite - we could all play Survivor on my deck = sounds fun!!!!

Bergson - don't sell - let's just house swap for awhile!!!!

Greg said...

Looks like a nice place to spend the days

Hobart Daily
Bicheno Daily

photowannabe said...

Rough life...I'm glad you Have to do it...It looks like a bit of paradise.

Neva said...

A beautiful spot...but I notice you aren't showing any of those bugs or that active volcano!!!! A lovely place!

slim said...

Who needs National Geographic for paradise photos, Jules, when all I have to do is go to your Rabaul DP. Put my reservation in too.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Are you hiring? I'd be happy to spend my days in just such an idyllic setting feeding you grapes and fanning you with a palm frond or whatever. I'm a good cook and a great housekeeper. I write well. And, for a setting like that, I'm willing to work for next to nothing.

Seriously, how does one land a job in a place like that? And I thought places like this only existed in postcards and travel magazines. Gorgeous.

Jilly said...

Lordy, I'm so sorry for you, Jules....

Unknown said...

Jules, I am SOOOOO envious! I would love to stroll along that lovely and peaceful beach! Sigh. How beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,
its cat and are you? just randomly found your blog and thought that we'd say a quick hello. hows things up home? Hope all is well.
love us..xox
ps love the pictures, they're making us so homesick.

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