Monday, December 1, 2008

Post for Liam

In Cape Town South Africa there now lives a boy called Liam, who was born here in East New Britain. He is able to keep in touch with what is happening here, and explain his amazing homeland to his teacher and class mates, by checking my blog regularly.

Hi Liam and a big hello to your teacher and friends. These wonderful houses that I photographed for you before I went to Australia, are out near where you lived.

Maybe with the help of Mum and Dad you might like to explain to your teacher and students how they make the wonderful patterns on the walls.


dive said...

Wow! What a wonderful, post, Jules.
Hi, Liam!

Unknown said...

Awesome little houses! Just love the patterns on the walls! I've seen some in Burma and Thailand but not as 'rich' as those. Beautiful!
Very interesting the fact Liam is explaining how things are around there through your blog! So cool!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

This is amazing! Hello there Liam, from England x

Willow said...

I have never seen houses in Papua decorated like that! They are beautiful! Liam, this connection is great for you to show your teacher and classmates a most wonderful part of the world!

Katie said...

Very cool patterns on these houses! And what fun to keep in touch with Liam this way. Greetings Liam from California!!

ancient one said...

Hi Jules,
Hi Liam,

I'd like to know how they make those beautiful designs on the walls.

Greetings from North Carolina, USA.

Thérèse said...

Hi Jules and Liam,

Perhaps Liam can explain to us through a comment how the patterns on the walls are made?

I have never seen something like that before probably because I don't travel to these corners of the world.

alicesg said...

So sweet. Your blog has now become an educating blog. The houses are so different from here, they have such beautiful patterns on their walls.

jenan said...

These are great - I don't remember ever seeing houses with these wonderful patterns when I was there.

Jules said...

HI all
Will try and get Liam to post a message about the houses for us all.

Squirrel said...

Hello Liam,

Hope you are doing well at school and having fun with your friends in Cape Town.


Hilda said...

We still have nipa huts in rural areas of the Philippines, but nowhere near as beautiful as these! The patterns are wonderful!

Hi, Liam!

red said...

Hi Liam,
It is great that you are able to teach your friends in South Africa about your country of birth.
Lots of love from
Aunty Jan & Uncle Gray in England.

Jilly said...

What amazing and beautiful houses. This is a fabulous post Jules. I missed it until I saw the later one re Liam. Super photos.

Dina said...

These houses are great. Much prettier than my plain little hut.

Such a nice connection with and for Liam.