Thursday, November 15, 2007

War relics

Papua New Guinea saw a lot of action during World War II, and the relics of these battles can still be found in the jungle today.

This is the engine from a Japanese plane that was found near the rain trees on my 9 November post. The rest of the plane has been stripped.

These engine parts were also found near the airstrip. The locals say there was a Japanese aircraft maintenance building here during the war.

This poignant reminder of the human cost of war was found on the Kokoda Track. Who wore this boot? What happened to him?

What good luck
The sun is out and we have water inside.

To try and overcome the amount of time it is taking me to do this blog I'm going to trial posting every second day and visiting on the alternate day. Hopefully this will be acceptable to everyone in the Daily Photo Family!!!


imac said...

Hi Jules, glad you have water (inside) as well as outside.

Sure takes time blogging, good idea of yours .

Your photos are just great, makes you think what stories they could tell.

pop over to see village stroll.

Steve Buser said...

Sun and running water on the same day. Rabaul must feel like heaven today ;-}}

Tom said...

I'm sure the DPs will understand.. great new about your water...
I to was drawn to the segments of the boot and I wondered about the foot and who it belonged to... very good post as Sunday was Rememberance Day.

M.Benaut said...

There is so much history lying around in the jungle.
It's very humbling to envisage this event, so many years ago, and as Old Tom says, so close to Remembrance Day.

I think your new posting schedule will take some of the pressure off your back. We mustn't burn you out. I say, 'go for it'. You may have noticed that Nathalie in Avignon does a similar thing.

Quality rules. Quantity is for Friday nights !

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Surprising to see the relics. A poignant reminder indeed.

I am also thinking of this schedule as I am not able to keep up daily blogging and visits.

Anonymous said...

More wonderful pictures. See? That's what we pay you the "big bucks" for!! lol
Water is wonderful!!! Hope you're feeling better today?!?! Rested?

Clueless in Boston said...

Glad to hear you have your water back. Interesting pictures of the detritus from the war. I wonder if there is any danger from unexploded bombs.

Jules said...

clueless - if you copy and paste this link you'll see a bomb that was found in the school ground a few months ago
they turn up all the time all over the place.

M benaut - oh I so love this
"Quantity is for Friday night" - can I have that quote????

donna - at home today not terrific but will survive!!!

M.Benaut said...

Vous êtes les plus bienvenus pour avoir cette citation, ma chère.

dive said...

Monsieur Benaut's right, Jules.
I always love your war relics posts and coming on the heels of Remembrance Day this helps us keep the memories alive.
The sight of a happy child atop a dead war machine is so heartening, too.

And great news about your water! What a relief.

As for posting: "Quantity is for Friday nights" is brilliant!
Do whatever you need to do. Even a weekly fix of Jules is better than a daily dose of most other people.

Daniel J Santos said...

interesting post.

Great photos.

M.Benaut said...

Dive, we may even get a glimpse of a Friday night, one of these days, who knows ?

Anonymous said...

The boot looks American or the lacing eyelets are brass or look like brass. The Japanese didn't wear boots like this. So it is an American boot.

I was also fascinated with your bomb post. That thing is still dangerous and could blow up anytime.

Be careful.

Nice post and interesting too.

Do your thing girl. You know what works best. This become a dull job if you work yourself to death.

I divert my energies in other places too.

going green

quintarantino said...

What we want is to be able to see once and then your beuatiful photos and always good comments. So... no problem.
Nice photos, by the way.

Anonymous said...

The top photo makes me so sad, Jules. The good thing though is that the little boy sitting on top of the engine hasn't experienced war (at least I hope not!).
Very glad that you have water inside again. I'm not sure how well I would cope with that.
As for posting; your real life is always more important than blogging although I imagine that your daughters like to see you this way too. We can wait!

lv2scpbk said...

It's a shame about these things lying around in the woods. I've read about horror stories where sometimes these young children come across dangerous things that could hurt them.

Hope you get your Internet system worked out.

Annie said...

Hi Jules,

It's quite interesting to me that there are still these wartime artifacts lying around in all the countries where war was fought. It's been 60 years!

I know you'll keep us smiling, first with your posts on one day and then with your good humored comments on the next.

photowannabe said...

Your pictures are so interesting and full of information. Blogging does take so much time. I love it but sometimes I just can't give it the time I should. I understand your feelings and don't want you burned out. Do what you can. We will love it.

M.Benaut said...

Howdy Jules, it's Friday, yair; - Friday.
Just because you have a wog thing, that ought not stop you from celebrating.
I spoke to Pietro, today; he's from Calabria. He said it wasn't his fault, but it could have been a mate of his.
He says that he hopes you feel betterer, soon - crikey; only 2 bias; - but his mates can fix most other things.
Hope this is of some use.

Bon week-end à vous, tous le deux !

Chuckeroon said...

....still admiring your pioneers courage.

Glad to see you are picking up the visitors. Sun's out today...but temp is dropping. Heavy rain over North Europe for the week end.

Glad you enjoyed the "dark" shot.

Marie said...

Interesting post. Very moving. I hope the "relics" are not dangerous for the little kids' health.

Squirrel said...


I'm back... this post is especially interesting as several of my dad's older brothers fought in the Pacific during WWII.

It is hard to post daily--I understand!

You asked me where we "Kayak in Nyack"--We kayak on the Hudson River. Nyack is 18 miles north of NYC.

Jules said...

Hi All - so glad you popped in.

Squirrel - so delighted you are back - i guess squirrels hibernate!! Looking forward to visiting you !!!

m benaut - I need to speak severely to your friend - i think he may have been the one!! I let the team down badly!! Don't tell Dive, but I didn't even have one bia - and the way i feel today i won't be having any either!!!
Maybe next Friday I can live up to "my" new quote!!!! Cheers!