Sunday, February 3, 2008

Deserted Islands

A couple of more deserted islands waiting for some tired and weary workaholics!!!

I’m in Australia at the moment so He Who Doesn’t Blog and Benson are batching and posting for me while I am away. I bet they’re watching TV and drinking bia with their feet on the coffee table.

They will be able to post each day as I won’t be doing any visiting. Thanks for dropping in to say hi while I’m away. I will try and pop in and leave a comment.


Bobby D. said...

Thanks to he who doesn't blog and benson for posting this.

Bobby D. said...

i forgot to comment on the photo itself--the green islands in the sea make it look surreal. they seem so small, and yet so lush.

alicesg said...

Thanks for sharing some beautiful photos. The islands reminded me of Phuket.

Tom said...

I agree about all the lushness on such a small island.. so fertile they must be.

Annie said...

What would the workaholics do there? Surely you don't mean cut down the trees and build houses. Surely not.

Anonymous said...


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Neva said...

this is a great photo.