Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More woes and a funny sign.

Well the woes are multiplying. No phones yesterday, managed to get on last night for 45 minutes then my computer had a hissy fit and passed out, and all my bookmarks have been corrupted and lost. So the only way I can get to you is through your profile shots on my comments' pages or if you are linked to my blog!!

Phones were out again this morning so that is why this post is late. They are back on now but not sure for how long. Thanks for all your visits - I will try and post this now and return your visits but at the moment it is very difficult.

Send more gin!!!

A friend took these photos and I thought I'd post them today because the sign just makes me laugh. Who is the guy in the middle? Thought you may be able to explain it better than I.


Sakiwi said...

Wow, this is incredible! I teach law and I will show this to my students! The artwork is an interesting and off-the-wall representation of the purpose of the law. Great!

dive said...

Cool! Justice in a Santa hat! I love it.
Bummer about the computer woes, Jules. I hope it rains gin on Rabaul today.

Tom said...

Never never wake a Sleeping Judge..

Jules I have gin... I have ice, I have lemons a plenty... oh! yes and Tonic.. I shall drown your PC woes for you.. hic-up

M.Benaut said...

If the bloke with the waddy had been holing a banjo, I could have mistaken him for Michael. The feller on the left, given a guitar, looks to me like Dive. But the chap in the dressing gown looks like me; I had one just the same.
Brilliant shots, Jules !
Let's see a shot of Old Tom next.

Janet Kincaid said...

Interesting photos. Justice and Charity in one figure? I.e. Judge with a Santa hat?! I don't know. (I just noticed someone else said that, too!)

Not to be naive or wholly ignorant to the goings-on in other parts of the world, but why the spotty phone service? Is it the volcano activity that's interfering with service or government corruption interrupting the infrastructure? I'm curious as to the cause. An internet connection is something I take for granted (except on really stormy days. Then my connection sucks. Like yesterday.)

Kim said...

Very interesting!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Great artwork! How annoying that your connections keep falling out, would drive me insane. I'd love to join you for that gin. On your gorgeous beach with the fab aqua green water. More pics of that please.

Anonymous said...

Interesting artwork.
So gin is needed down there?
I'll see to it!
Care for some Porto wine bottles too?

Donna said...

Now if only he could get them to Listen!!lol...hughugs

Chuck Pefley said...

Gin is on it's way! After I have my share, that is. Interesting artwork on the court building. Is it for real?

Champ Townboy said...

This is a fantastic post!! Love those photos. Hope your problems subside quickly!!

Jules said...

Hi All and thanks for your messages!!! Everything is much better today.

M B - love your interpretation - will work on it!!!!

Dive - I've been sitting outside with a bucket waiting for the gin to rain but nothing yet - only the long-awaited SE winds blowing the ash away - Hooray!!!

Chuck - this is for real - really!!!

Tom - your loyalty is amazing - don't drink too much - leave some for me - I will be there is a flash.

Lyn - am waiting for you with empty glass hopefully the bucket will be full by the time you get here - Dive says it will rain gin and I believe everything he says!

Quinto - anything alcoholic will do Mate!!

dc - glad you like the sign. I popped over to your blog and explained phone problems - so not to annoy everyone else with more whining!!!!

ancient one said...

The guy in the middle must be the judge? Funny ... thanks for sharing..

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

I can't help but envy people shhoting in countries I never been to... Grrr !