Saturday, April 12, 2008

Umbrella and surprise encounter

This young boy was clutching his umbrella and daring anyone to dislodge it. I thought he looked so photogenic.

Sorry this is late - I was unable to post while in Port Moresby, so have just walked in from the airport and sat down.

An amazing blogger story though from my trip. I was on the plane this morning and this woman looked at me and smiled, and then came over and said "You wouldn't be Jules would you?" I must have looked slightly agog as she explained that she had left a message on my blog last week and guessed I'd be on that flight so was looking out for me. She and her family were flying over for a short holiday and had been researching the place using my blog. I was just so tickled pink to meet her. We chatted on and off on the flight (she was sitting in front of me) and I hope to keep in touch.

Isn't blogging just great!!!!


Clueless in Boston said...

Great blogging story. I like the picture and the post-processing leaving the foreground in color, which draws one's eye to the primary subject of the picture. Well done.

ptowngirl said...

That story is pretty amazing! I agree with Clueless, the contrast makes the photo all the more stunning.

Willow said...

That is great! I love meeting my blog friends in real life. I have met my current walking buddy that way, and I finally met a woman attended the same church as I did when I lived in LA-small world!

And I love how you put the background in black and white and the boy (looks like one of my neighbors in Papua!) in color. How do you do that?

dive said...

Wow! The Famous Jules!
What an excellent story. And yet another wonderful photo, too.

Michael Salone said...

Yes Jules, what a great story! How small the world has become with the dailyphoto thing. Hope your time away was awesome, but we're glad to have you back.

This photo is awesome by the way!

Anonymous said...

I like this photograph. Nice shot of the little boy with his treasure.

GMG said...

The photo is wonderful, and the boy looks great! The story is amazing, and shows how the bloggers’ world is developing!
Also love the pictures of the water transport post; great blues!
Have a great weekend!

PS: Lovely new profile picture...

imac said...

2 greats here, your photo of the lad certainly looks as if to say ITS MINE, also the happy meeting with a fellow blogger too.

Tom said...

This picture is beautiful... I will have to learn how to do that effect Jules..
The story is fantastic... but the fantastic things WILL happen to fantastic people..

Tom :O)

Marie said...

Ah ah we have posted the same type of photo today :-))

M.Benaut said...

The little boy behind him could be mistaken for his twin brother. Lovely shot; - and a great encounter on the plane.
Seems the world is getting progressively smaller.

lv2scpbk said...

I love how you did the black and white with the color on your photo. He does look like he's not about to give that up.

alicesg said...

The photo is well taken. I like the contrast of the black and white and the colour.

Anonymous said...

I love these stories. You're famous!

Welcome back.


Jilly said...

such a wonderfully intense look on that child's face.

Love your blogging story. Hope you get to meet up with them again.

photowannabe said...

That's an awesome story Jules. It shows how small our world really is.
I love what you did with the photo. The selective color makes the subject just pop.

AK said...

Wonderful and compelling photo! Will you divuldge your technique? Great story about your travels as well. From the other side of the world:

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Jules, that really is amazing :)

Just this week a friend of mine realised that I blogged.

Funny thing is that she's a regular visitor to my blog and had no idea it was mine! :-)

Ann (MobayDP) said...

oooh!! Forgot to comment on the photo. lol.

Those kids are just soooooo beautiful. Every time I see one of your photos of those kids I just want to reach in and hug them.

I love how you did the black and white/colour thing too.

Around the World said...

I got tracked down to my saturday haunt by a woman from Vancouver - amazing isn't it? Great to see you back again.

Donna said...

The world really is small!! Stay safe sweetie!!hughugs...(beautiful picture)

Joy said...

That boy is going to be a heartbreaker someday :D

Definitely! The Internet makes friendships across the miles, ages, cultures possible.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great week ahead!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Jules said...

Hi All and thanks for your comments

This is a photo-shop technique which involves layering. You lasso the area you want remaining coloured and make it a new layer and then take the colour out of the original background

and yes the world is really a very small place!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been perusing your blog. The ash pink sunset looks like ours (Hawaii). I love the photo of the children, but this story prompted me to comment.

I have only met one of my fellow bloggers. It turned out so well that I pulled up stakes and moved to Hawaii -- with him. It has been 21 months since we first exchanged comments. On that day we had no idea our lives were about to change. We still marvel over our fortune in finding each other.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jules,
I read your blog and I am impressed by the way you portray the country.
I am a German historian and will be with my wife in Rabaul Madang (16.5-19.5. and in Rabaul 20.5.-24.5. I would like to meet you to learn first hand more about the various facets on PNG.
We made contact and hope to stay with the Hiltruper Missionaries in Kokopo but lost contact because I was told because of the outbreak of the vulcano all communication with Rabaul has been cut (including the flights). Is this correct?
We will be in Samoa starting 27.4.
Please contact me
Thanks for your reply
best regards
Rainer Bruchmann