Saturday, August 9, 2008

A funny sign and a significant birthday!!!

Kimbe is 20 minutes by air from here so whoever painted this sign on a house on the Kervat/Kokopo road, has used creative licence with the biblical quote!!!

Not sure why it is upside down??? Maybe to reassure people flying to Kimbe that all is well in the capital of West New Britain?? Any other ideas????


One of the reasons for travelling home last month was to join my family in celebrating my Dad's 80th birthday. He is a hoot of guy with a wicked sense of humour and is as fit as a Mallee bull. Lives for his dog and his garden oh, and for my Mum too. Likes to cook and is a demon at spotting a bargain at the supermarket. Can build anything he puts his mind too - including our house, and wins all the Christmas Lights Competitions. Here's to you Dad!!

PS: My Mum is 78 - and no she hasn't had any plastic surgery. Hope her good genes have been passed on!!!!


USelaine said...

Oh, your folks look lovely and happy! The best we can hope for is enjoying the entire journey, and they look like they do.

As for the upside down question, it looks like someone who can't (or maybe can!) read recycled the sign for building material.

dive said...

Happy Birthday, Jules' Dad!
Sheesh! You're right about the genes, Jules. Take twenty years off each of their ages and they'd still look young.

The sign? Do you have heavy metal fans there in Rabaul? They like to hang crosses upside-down.
Other than that all I can suggest is that they used British builders.

Jules said...

uselaine - recycling is very popular here.

Good thinking Dive - on both counts!!!!

Anonymous said...


Yes it is anonymous again (aka Bernadette) What an auspicious day, my first daughter was born on this day 10 years ago. We didn't think she would make it thru the first 10 hours let alone 10 years after a pretty rough journey into the world. Obviously this is a day which breeds toughness, talent and a love of life. All these things are reflected in the picture of your dad and I see in my beautiful daughter every day. Happy Birthday to him.

Love the sign, so PNG.

Jules said...

Hi Bernadette - Hope your daughter had a great day - wish her all the best. Our eldest daughter had a terrible start as well and we too held our breath that first day. But she is now taller than me, drop dead gorgeous and had her first day at work today (part-time while she is studying. Where did that time go???
Enjoy every minute of them - they are gone from the nest so soon!! Good seeing you in POM - would be great to have a longer chat next time!!!

Jilly said...

What a strange thing to place the hoarding upsidedown. Nice shot, Jules.

And a happy birthday to Papa - Jules. What a great looking couple happy in their retirement. of course you've inherited their genes!

M.Benaut said...

Happy birthday, Jules' Dad. You sound like quite a young son-of-a-gun to me.
Sounds to me like Jules is a chip off the old block !
Take it as it comes, no worries mate. You set a great example to all of us, you young cradle snatcher you.
And, howdy Mum. Just keep an eye on him. He's got that twinkle in his eye.

Anonymous said...

Well this is a pleasant surprise. Nice post for your dad.

The sign doesn't matter which way is up if you are not able to read. Maybe that is the answer.

Marcel said...

Superb. Happy birhtday to your dad and I'd have to say he sure dosen't look 80. And your mum looks like she is 15 years young than she is too.

Jules~ said...

Looks like you have your mom's eyes and your dad's smile. Happy birthday to your dad. I am so glad that you could spend time and visit with them. Those moments are such heart treasures.
The upside down sign....I am so puzzled. Maybe they did it on purpose to make people look for more than a glance. It is funny.

Donna said...

Your parents DO look young!!! But then, SO DO YOU!!! Something like 28 or 29.......!!!!
Happy night sugar!hughugs

Katie said...

Awesome photo of your parents! They sure seem like they'd be a blast to hang out with. Hope your Dad had a wonderful Birthday!

As for the sign, I agree with Uselaine that it looks like a nice recycling job.

alicesg said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad, Jules. Wow your mom is beautiful.
Hahaha on the sign, are we supposed to be upside down too to read. Jules, I have two awards for your wonderful blog. Go to my blog to collect it.

Tom said...

Great posting and a great tribute to them both... oh! I'm sure the genes have been passed on.. you Dads humour is another thing you seem to have plenty of.. :O)

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jules' dad! :-)

I bet you they put it like that just to grab the attention of passers by. It sure grabbed yours!