Monday, November 5, 2007

No pigeons on Pigeon Island

When we got to Pigeon Island yesterday there were hundreds of birds resting on the sand. As we walked towards them they flew off across the water. As they did, the volcano Tavurvur, decided to erupt, and formed an interesting backdrop to the photos.


Annie said...

Oh my goodness, an eruption right before your very eyes. Is this common?

• Eliane • said...

Oh wow! That is pretty amazing. I second Annie's question.

dive said...

Even your volcanos are pretty, Jules. That's just unfair.
Hee hee.

Bergson said...

Superb it is an eruption of pigeons

imac said...

Well timed then:)

maria elisa said...

great view

Anonymous said...

The story and photo are beautiful until I got to the eruption part. I can only hope nobody was hurt.


M.Benaut said...

Perhaps for elevenses, one would have pigeon pie and a small G+T.
Would that be aboard the boat, (kayak) or does one rest on the grass and wait for service; from HWDB ?
I would go for the latter.

Également.... Je pense que Bergson est correct

Chuckeroon said...

Oh, yes, just like that, you contrived to get one of those 3 beasts to explode.

Now Jules! This is boasting. Not only showing off THREE volcanoes right on your doorstep, but also claiming that they act to your command.

No more Autumnal shots for you my girl.

Frankly, it leaves me very queezy

quintarantino said...

Nice view... seems you had a good time.

Jackie said...

Wow - I'm guessing not too many other daily photo bloggers can boast an erupting volcano on their blog! Actually I'm really glad I don't live near an active volcano! Hope it didn't cause too much damage or danger.

Glasgow Daily Photo

Jules said...

Bergson - what a clever line - wish I had used that one!!!

The volcano erupts all the time so we don't even notice it any more unless it gets really big!!! it just blasts away and we tend to ignore it!!!!

Chuckeroon - thanks - I really am autumn leaved out!!!! of course it is all jealousy!!!!

photowannabe said...

How interesting to become blase about a volcano eruption.
Quite a spectacular picture and composition.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

wow, i am surprised that you captured an erruption and also that you have so many.

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