Thursday, September 20, 2007

Over and out Denton!

Denton has kindly volunteered to post for me from tomorrow while we are in Vietnam. Not sure if he realizes he has to feed the cat too!!!

Please pop in and say hi even though I can’t reply. I’m sure Denton will be pleased of the company; he won’t know anyone here in Rabaul!!!

Tenkyu tru Denton. I hope you like sunsets because you will see lots while house sitting for me.


M.Benaut said...

Howdy, Denton and Benson, you two make a mighty good team. You have captured a great sunset and you should now, go out on the town and celebrate. I hope Jules and HWDB have left you some bias in the frig !!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Very nice sunset.

If you have not see my new blog about my early life in Japan (1950s) then it might be worth the click > Here

Clueless in Boston said...

Great sunset! Looks warm and inviting from the chilly northeastern US.

Tom said...

Great Sunset, I wish I could have house sat... though I might have squashed it.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Have a great holiday - I'm sure Denton will do a good job of button-pushing while you're away.

Felicia said...

Beautiful sunset photo! Denton you are a blog saver to many in our group - it is so nice to be a part of this great group.

Anonymous said...

Hi oldmanlincoln,
Your phptps pf Japan are fantastic. It's a pity all my father's photographs were lost in a bushfire 5 months after we emigrated to Sydney. as Japan was his inspiration to start up a serious photographic hobby spanning thirty years. He lost heart when he lost his archive and his equipment and never took it up again. He never owned another camera to my knoeledge. Ironically I too am married to a professional phoographer since retired to be a farmer/nurseryman.
My father fell in love with Japan when he went to assist the Tokyo branch of the Us insurance company he worked for in Shanghai after the Tokyo Earthquake of 1923. He was just turned 21 and he went over with the office seating plans so that the parent company in the US could settle claims for compensation from the famolies of its Tokyo office. Apparently the muti-storey building concertinered down, one floor onto another, and there were no survivors.
Daddy fell madly in love with Japan and the womderful Japanese people and spent every summer there till the war including his honeymoon- in 1940 would you believe! My mother was not so sure but then she was not the one I iherited my adventurous gene from.
He lovrd Bepo and the hot springs and would only ever stay at traditional inns. He would have been fascinated to meet a true geisha but they were well out of his league and would not have deigned to waste their attention on a barbarian. He made do by befriending the imitation ones and he found them amusing, warm and good hearted people.
Now oue son continues this fascination with Japan and works for..Toyota. He loves his trips to Japan. The lucky devil got to go to Kyoto last trip.
I've made contact with Jules, YEH

Anonymous said...

PS to oldmanlincoln,
Try to get hold of "Rabaul 1942", researched by Douglas a Aplin, reprinted 1994, Pacific Press.17 Park Ave, Broadbeach, QLD, Australia.
Very intersting read about the tragic story of the 2/22nd Australian Army Infantry, the men and women of Lark Force, including units of the RAN, RAAF, New Guinea Volunteer Rifles... following the 1942 Japanese Invasion of the New Guinea Islands.
This history gives the background to those war relics that now reside at the Kokopo Museum. I grew up with anumber of old "B4's" meaning before-the-war. Of especial interest is whatever happened to the POW's on the Montivideo Maru. The town was afloat with rumours and theories for years and years while I was growing up. The truth was much simpler if no less tragic.
Happy researching! Pia

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I sure hope somebody remembers to feed the cat! We all know how cats can get when they are not fed :-O

I sure hope jules et al are having a wonderful time in Vietnam.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Denton,

Jules, that is one STUNNING picture. Hope you;re having a great holiday

Beetle said...

Oh..What a beautiful sunset and stunning photo shot!!!

Have a nice holiday!

quintarantino said...

Lovely sunset... if you don't mind I would take a daiquiri with that...

Anonymous said...

Stunning sunset photo. Well done Denton.