Sunday, September 16, 2007

Up in smoke

This lady and her friend selling tobacco seem to enjoy getting their photo taken.

The locals roll the tobacco leaves in niuspeper (newspaper) and smoke it – you’d need an asbestos throat I reckon but apparently it is cigar-like in flavour.

The Australian niuspepers are preferred and apparently the Sydney Morning Herald is the most valued. Maybe it is the size, quality of paper - I'm not sure???


quintarantino said...

Or because their news burn better?

Annie said...

I'm seeing several couples photos on the photo blogs today. This couple is charming to me.

Tom said...

I remember when I was about 11, some of the lads I knew that smoked tried rolling up newspaper and smoking just that.. ha! it was very funny watching the cough and splutter. One never smoked again which I bet now he is very glad about.
The pair do look content in this great picture.

Jilly said...

This looks pretty lethal but a great photo of a happy-looking couple.

Jules - just got back from a few days in the Uk and see you've already left. Trust you are having a truly brilliant time in Vietnam.

Thanks for your comments, Jules. I'll be popping in to see your pre-prepared postings. Yes I know it takes ages as I did the same for when I was in England.

Neva said...

wow....that can't be good for anyone!

• Eliane • said...

This is a great picture: they seems to have a lot of fun. Or maybe it's from all those news they just smoke.