Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Naughty but Nice

This is the instrument panel and the hand-painted “Naughty but Nice” insignia from a Boeing 17E Flying Fortress that crashed in East New Britain during WWII, and is now on display in the Kokopo Museum.

From its serial number and other details it is believed this plane flew into Pearl Harbour during the battle of 7 th December 1941.


Tom said...

Interesting picture, this is something else I must look into.

Vie Lipowski said...

A piece of history.

I like that title "Naughty but Nice".

Anonymous said...

Hi Oldmanlincoln,
Ask away!
Lost and then Found

This is a story from Gordon's collection.
While patrolling in the Owen Stanleys (the spine of the mountain ranges that run through the centre of the NG mainland they found an American airforce plane, a Goony Bird. WW2 vintage and they collected the bones and effects including his wedding ring and eventually through diplomatic channels these made their way back to the families.
Six months later Gordon received a copy of a letter sent to his CO commending his efforts and that of his team. Turns out he'd been a pilot with Pan Am before the war and he had been listed as missing since the middle of the war. His family including his wife who had never remarried expressed their gratitudetitude at being able to put their father to rest.
We were able to identify 15 of the 17 remains and they were buried at Arlington under their own names.
In Vietnam one of G's comrades came off a rope during a " hot extraction" and was never found despite huge efforts. He is still mourned by the Regiment. Never knowing is a terrible thing, no closure.

dive said...

Wow! That's a GREAT slice of history!

quintarantino said...

Who says history can be dull?

Anonymous said...

Thanks pia for the information. I enjoyed reading this today and the one the other day. I have saved both.

I don't really know how to ask but I did know one Japanese soldier who was there before the war and lived through the battles. I think he is dead now.

I just began a new site about Japan in the early 1950s when we were there. You can get to it from my Brookville daily photo blog. Times have changed a lot there too over the 50-plus years since we were there.

Neva said...

a very interesting picture.

• Eliane • said...

It is amusing to me to find that illustration on a plane. And a bit sad too (it has that "I miss home" feel to it).