Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aerial Views

Tony, my pilot friend, took these photos of our part of the world from his Dash 8 yesterday. The little island in the bottom picture is Snake Island on my Ship-wrecked post last week!!

Tomorrow I will see the same sight as I fly out to Brisbane with the girls. They are going back to school so we are all a little sad today. My eldest daughter turns 16 on Friday so I am also feeling old.

He-Who-Doesn’t-Blog and Benson will be batching while I am away. They have offered to post as Benson wants to catch up with his friend M. Benaut!!! They will be able to post everyday as I won’t be doing any visiting. Hope you can pop in and say hi!!

My Vietnam Blog will be on holidays as it is too difficult to organize drafts for it.

Thanks to Slim and Clueless for sending me the You Make My Day Award. I now have about seven so have decided I can’t send 70 so I am giving it to you all. You all Make My Day and if it wasn’t for all your encouragement I would have thrown this all in the beautiful blue sea.

Lukim yu!!


Tom said...

I feel so sad for you all.. I look forward to visiting with Benson and HWDB again

Jim Klenke said...

Beautiful pictures.

Willow said...

Wow! I just found your blog via Ancient One. I'm so excited! I lived in Papua (Indo side) in the Bird's Head for many years. And my dd was in PNG three years ago. Your pilot friend's photos made me homesick as did your photos. I'll be back. And I do know how you feel today b/c I did the send the kids to school thing too.

dive said...

Have a safe journey, Jules, and Happy Birthday to your eldest for Friday!

As HWDB doesn't blog, will Benson be doing the typing while you're away?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I was not able to post on two of your posts. Got error messages. Anyway, have a nice trip.

quintarantino said...

Nice aerial photos ...

alicesg said...

What a beautiful sight from the plane. Happy Birthday to your daughter. If you felt so old when your daughter is only 16, geez, then I must be antique...hahaha, my eldest son is going to be 21. But then I could have married at a young age...hehehe...Hope this little joke will brightened you up. :)

M.Benaut said...

Ripper Jules,
Aerial shots are super. Can we see chez Jules in the photos ?
Hope Brisbane is good and the girls get on with school without too much sadness all round. Crikey, you don't know what emotions are hiding in your head until the very last minute. Just shows how y' love 'em don't it ?

Anyhow Benson knows what he's in for; you can rely on him, and HWDB has got a few more can openers around the joint.
They'll probably have a gourmet fest while you're gone. Try and get a few crocodile shots for Lynn, while you're down there; you know; the ones in the Brisbane River. Lynn would like that !!

Chuckeroon said... journey. Loking forward to seeing Benson's magnificent efforts.

ancient one said...

Whoa, now I have to read back or wait to find out who "BENSON" is... I glad Willow found you! I knew she would love this blogspot!! Have a good trip!!

Marie said...

Beautiful photos, of course. Have a nice trip, Jules.

imac said...

Great stuff, I really like the 1st with the wing in the photo.

Have you ever hung by a thread?
visit my blog and see.

Clueless in Boston said...

Love aerial shots. Have a good and safe trip and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

CaBaCuRl said...

Back again Jules, and thank you so much for Christmas greetings. Christmas was a bit of a fizzer here in my little world, but this is a new year!Have so much to catch up on ,in your blog...just had a quick squizz at your most recent posts. Sad day for you, saying farewell to your daughters again...hope they have a good year.

Jules said...

Hi All - thanks for your wishes on behalf of my daughter!!!

Alice - he! he! he! - good one. i was actually 37 when i had her so i can't say that!!!

Cabacurl -great to hear from you - will ring you while I am down.

M B - yes Chez Us is the house on the left at the bottom of the bottom photo - the little white dot in front is the haus win.

ancient one - benson is one of my cats!!!

Dive - I'm sure HWDB will con Benson into doing the typing - Benson is very sociable.