Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A 12 month anniversary and a leave of absence

I fly out early this morning for Australia. Because of all the time I have been away over these last few weeks, coupled with the terrible phone lines and my sick computer, I am unable to put that many posts into draft, so I will leave you with a long post and hope you will pop back and visit me on my return on July 21.

I will celebrate my 12 month anniversary while I am away. Gosh time flies when you are slumped for months over a hot computer and cold phone lines!!! I have been unsure what I should post to celebrate, so I have put down some links to my favourite posts over the 12 months ........


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..........and I leave you with a new one that I hope you will enjoy.

I had trouble getting into my room the first night at the hotel in Goroka, so the desk clerk sent for security to help me with the lock. It was unable to be fixed and I ended up in another room.

When the guards arrived I was amazed to see a young man with a huge bow and a handful of arrows. Beside him was a very old man with a huge bow and handful of arrows, a bone through his nose and……an Ipod. I could hardly believe it. I was unable to communicate with the elderly gentleman – he obviously had his Ipod up too loud or couldn’t understand my broken Pidgin.

I asked the young man what his name was and he told me “Geoffrey”. I then asked him why he carried a bow and arrow and he looked at me quite quizzically as if I had come down out of the sky the day before.

“To shoot rascals!” he replied vehemently.

“Oh,” said I, “Do you have a problem with rascals round here?”

“Oh yes, they come and steal things.”

“Do you shoot them with your bow and arrow?”

Again he looked at me as though I was really weird. “Yes.”

“Where do you shoot them… the leg?” I asked hopefully.

“Wherever I can,” he said quite smugly.

“Oh….have you shot many rascals?” I asked timidly.

“Yeah lots,” he answered quite gleefully.

He was so sweet and assured me he would guard my room all night. This was very reassuring as the door had no security on it.

I didn’t have my camera handy that night, but the next night I sent out a message to Geoffrey and he visited me in my new upgraded room (with a deadlock), to get his photo taken. He had another friend with him, who although very short and stout, was also heavily armed.

I slept well all week knowing Geoffrey and his band of Merry Men were roaming the grounds, bow and arrows at the ready, shooting rascals ....wherever they could!

(Luckily - no reports of rascals being shot were reported all week).


Thanks for all your support and friendship. Cheers!!


Marcel said...

I’m glad no rascals came out to get you. Have a great trip and I’ll look foreword to you return.

M.Benaut said...

Heavens to Betsy, Jules.

That's better than being in Sherwood Forest any day.
Friar tuck with a iPod, - quite a sight for sore eyes.

Have a good one in Oz, Cobber.

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary!! Don't get "shot"!!!LOLhughugs

Anonymous said...

If you get to where there is a computer and a connection to the big I, then remember Abraham Lincoln suffering in Ohio from RA.

I am on steroids for it now and already feel better. LOL After this is over them I go on chemotherapy.

CaBaCuRl said...

Happy 12 months Jules! Enjoy your family time in the Big Smoke.

ancient one said...

I love this post. Hurry back!!

alicesg said...

Wow sounds like a scary adventure for you. Hope you have a good rest and holiday. Looking forward to seeing you back blogging.

dive said...

Hoorah for Geoffrey!
What a wonderful post to celebrate your blog-birthday, Jules!

May the next year bring you a friendly volcano and a reliable internet connection.

Tom said...

Isn't Rascals a nice word for the kind of folk they would have shot at... I can think of many names for them, but I think rascals is best.. :O)
Happy times while you are away Jules... I will await your return.

imac said...

Have a great trip.

Marie said...

Happy anniversary dear Jules !

photowannabe said...

Great story Jules. Its good to be protected from rascals...
we had a fellow armed with a machette guard our compound everynight while we were in Haiti. There were lots of rascals and desparate people there.
Will miss you but will be back to see your pictures in July. Safe journeys.

Bergson said...

good birthday
I like to visit your blog for all the portraits and the landscapes of dream

Gerald (SK14) said...

Have a great holiday, keep away from rascals and see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

May the next year bring you all you need or wish!

Bobby D. said...

Thanks a Million and I look forward to your return!

Jilly said...

What a story, Jules! And super photos to go along with it. They could do with a few of these guys in other parts of the world, seems to me!

Enjoy your trip and many congratulations on your upcoming one year anniversary. Rah rah rah rah rah! Well done. You have had such internet problems yet somehow always manage to persevere for our ultimate enjoyment. Well done.

Kris McCracken said...

I wish that I had a bow and arrow to shoot rascals!

Have a great trip.

Profile Not Available said...

Excellent post! I am glad no rascals were lurking around...for their sake. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Marie said...

That's really a wonderful story.

lv2scpbk said...

Let me know when you return. I will be back. Enjoy your adventure.

Come see the great catch of the day, for me and someone else.

M.Benaut said...

Things are a bit quiet in blogsville, Jules, but it's nearly your anniversary, (I think it's July 3).
So just popping in to say howdy. Hope you have a ripper in Roma, Rita !!!

Howdy !!

Brian Darcey said...

Enjoy the break. Call me if you are passing through Cairns if I can help with transport or whatever.


Willow said...

I loved the story of the guards with bows and arrows!

Enjoy your time in Australia.

I'm back from my English adventure and will be posting soon. I just wanted to visit and say hi first.

Harry Makertia said...

Have a nice trip, and ah ya, happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

All the best for your leave... Great story :-)

USelaine said...

I'm looking forward to your return later this month. Your guard continues to smile at me from the bottom of my "fav" page on the portal. Stay safe wherever you go.

Neva said...

I know we started blogging around the same time...I too missed my year anniversary as we were in Montreal. I certainly have enjoyed your blog this last year and hope to see more...I admire your stamina with all the difficulties you face to post...I think I would have give up a while back! Have a great trip to Australia....

M.Benaut said...

Happy Bastille day, Jules.

You will, no doubt be drinking French Champagne today !
Or perhaps a Fourex or 3 ?

Have a couple for me while you're at it, no worries !

Jules said...

Hi Dear Friends
So glad to be home although sad about leaving my family and friends!!!
Thanks for all your lovely comments was so nice to read them when I got home. Will pop in and say hi soon!!!