Monday, August 13, 2007

Maus Bilong Tavurvur

This is our local radio station RADIO EAST NEW BRITAIN – RENB. A local painter revamped the front so it is quite a land-mark now. On it you can see some of the local cultural icons of this province, including the frangipani, Bainings Fire Dancers, and the Duk Duks. I will introduce you to these in up-coming posts.

Maus means mouth or voice so the sign reads Voice belong Tavurvur (The voice of the volcano -Tavurvur)

You can also see on the sign, that this building was built by the Japanese. After the 1994 eruption many buildings were rebuilt in Kokopo (which is further around the bay) with aid-money from other countries. Japan also rebuilt the devastated Rabaul airport (to the other end of the bay at Tokua), and many Japanese volunteers and tourists work and visit here each year.


Tom said...

Great looking buildings Jules, I can't wait to see and ear about the Duk Duks... :)

Annie said...

Wasn't there a more recent eruption too? Were you there for that?

Steve Buser said...

Voice of the volcano. Must be some really "hot" music.

--steve buser
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Lavenderlady said...

Sounds like people helping people at it's finest.

CaBaCuRl said...

A great story Jules, and looking forward to hearing about Duk Duks etc. I think friends of mine went to Rabaul to rebuild a school or a church...anyway something, after the most recent volcanic tantrums.
Sorry for not getting back to you over the w/e....don't know where those days went!

Chuckeroon said...

Rabaul DP is more and more fun by the day......Dat ol him fella DP....can you do some descriptions in pigin?

Jules said...

Hi everyone - the duk duk (pronounced dook dook)are secret men's business and are quite elusive . I will try hard to get a photo for you.

Hi annie - yes we had a big one in October last year. It didn't destroy anything, just made a huge of a mess and scared the hell out of us. Have a look at my post on July 29 and click on the link and you'll see a photo of the eruption - this photo was posted on Tv and in papers all around the world at the time.

steve - very clever - it is quite "hot" actually!!!

chuckeroon - Apinum wantok - me traim.

Marie said...

I tried to find them on the internet but unfortunately they do not "broadcast" through that medium.

I love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post today. I really enjoyed reading it and didn't know about the "erruption."

I also like your photography a lot today. The person who painted the building did a good job.

You should get a lot of comments on this one. I hope you do.

Thanks for your visit this morning. I get very emotional about certain animals we have seen here over the four decades we have been here. I really still miss the raccoons.

I might mention that I am also working on Features about why people comment on some posts and not others. You might find that interesting when it is done.

Abraham Lincoln
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Neva said...

Active volcanoes? Bugs as big as your feet? ok are stronger of spirit than I!!!!! Maybe I could get used to living in an exotic place...but I'd have to figure out how to not have a heart attack first! Nice would be hard to miss. Thanks for adding me to your favs! I can't seem to get listed in the actual portal so this is wonderful!

M.Benaut said...

That's a ripper, Jules. I would love to hear that radio station, just to hear Pigin being spoken. Perhaps radio Australia broadcasts in Pigin.

Jules said...

abraham - commenting is all a mystery to me, so I would be interested!!!!
On my blog Monday is a quiet day for some reason?????

Marie - welcome back - hope you had a good weekend

Neva - yeah I'm not in the portal either I think it has to be updated and people don't do it.