Friday, August 24, 2007

Ralum Country Club

The annual New Britain Open Golf Tournament starts today at the Ralum Country Club, and runs over the weekend. The NBO is the longest running golf tournament in PNG; run every year for 55 years!! Golfers from all over PNG fly in for it including a number of professional golfers from Australia who have been coming up each year. Leaving the winter weather in Australia, they usually stay for the week and go fishing, boating and partying, as well as playing golf!!!

The golf course which runs along the beach front is a 9-hole course with great views across the water to the volcano and the islands.

Overlooking the course, these concrete posts (and running down the hill, the remains of the steps), are all that remains of Queen Emma’s grand home Gunantambu. Destroyed in World War II, it was a mansion of proportions not seen here before or ever again and had stunning views over Blanche Bay to the islands beyond..

More of Queen Emma tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

55 years! That's quite amazing. I can't play golf very well and these days would be hard pressed to walk the distance, even just the 9 holes. When I travelled to Canberra for work, I occasionally stayed at a hotel called the 19th Hole. Needless to say, it was situated next to a Golf Course. It was very popular in it's day with the politicians and on one occasion, Andrew Peacock was in the room next to me.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I honestly have to admit that cannot waiting 'til tomorrow (my time) and not knowing anything about her, I "googled" Queen Emma.

Very very interesting...!

Tom said...

Sorry I missed commenting yesterday, PC troubles....
Two great pictures now for me to look at which is a bonus.
The Old house sounds very nice..I must have a read up on PNG..

Neva said...

Wow...55 years...amazing....I am sure it is lovely. I can play golf just not well so I prefer to sit at the watering hole and have a nice drink!

Steve Buser said...

Kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk ... sorry, that's the sound of me playing the Ralum Country Club course....

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Jilly said...

Beautiful photograph and so interesting to read about the golf on PNG. Look forward to reading about Queen Emma tomorrow.

I adored yesterday's photo too. Very special.

Love the quotation on your profile.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well I am impressed by reading this post today. So well written.

The old home there sounds like a winner. I wish I could see it and will have to google it I guess.

I am still adding more bird photos to the bird blog. And your comment there yesterday made my day. Whacking a poor old rooster for doing his thing was really funny.

Tom Wigley thought so too.

Abraham Lincoln
Just My Birds Blog

M.Benaut said...

vaxyoAt this rate all the bloggers will be moving to Rabaul.
It was funny to hear the sound of balls falling in the water. Makes it even more of a tourist attraction really. A far nicer sound that the mule with your (suggested) carrot at Longreach the other day !!!
I promise not to google the Queen until you have told us first.

Jules said...

mme benaut - i hope yu knocked on the door and said "Bonjour!!"

fabrizio - wait until the next post and I will reveal all - well not me Queen Emma will!!!!

neva - you and me both!!!!

steve & m benaut - you wouldn't believe how many balls go in the water - all the caddies have to wear diving apparatus!!!!

Jules said...

Abrahm - When we eventually realised what was going on it was too late - all the roosters in the henhouse had terrible limps,wild looks in their eyes and were all impotent!!!

• Eliane • said...

A nine hole is just in my abilities. I really wouldn't mind to try that one. What a lovely course!

Anonymous said...

nice view.. looks very green

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, Had my 21st here in 1970. The golf club was there. Is the Ralum Clug still operational

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.

av女優 said...