Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Riven III: The Beach

We’re there! I hope it was worth the bumpy ride.

The first photo is as you round the corner and see the water – I am on the top of a steep drop so I can't avoid the trees. I am worried the trunks will spoil the photo, but it kinda looks like a view through a window – maybe??

The beach at Riven is not the typical tropical beach you usually see up here. The beach is sand but the sea bed is very rocky and there are some deep channels and dangerous rips. The people in the first photo had to rescue their children from being washed out to sea earlier in the afternoon. The father of the children has bruised and cut legs from the rocks.

The second picture is taken from down on the sand looking back towards the way we came in.

We may have to sit on the beach and have a glass of wine and a chat – it is probably too dangerous to swim.


Annie said...

It's good to know that the children were safely back on shore. And it's also good to know that you will probably stay out of the water, avoid any danger.

dr. filomena said...

Wow you were up early... any picture of sunrise? :-) This is beautiful! And poor you, you'll just have to sit back, enjoy the views and sip fine wine... pure torture, that is :-) Cheers! or "na zdravje" as we'd say over here

Tom said...

Enjoy and keep safe... look fantastic.

M.Benaut said...

That's a great commentary Jules.
I was expecting black sand or no beach, instead it's an attractive sandy beach. Shame you can't swim there.
Is this on the bay of Rabaul Harbour or the ocean to the east?

Lavenderlady said...

This is beautiful...I think I could just sit and watch the water.

Anonymous said...

Best not to take the risk Jules but the view was worth it. That afternoon breeze must have been nice.
Have fun on your diving trip - hope we get to see the pics!

Jilly said...

Loved the ride and well worth it to reach this beautiful beach, even if we can't swim. Anyway I'd prefer a glass of wine with you!

Do take us on more trips.

Anonymous said...

yeh it pretty dangerous Janina told me that she nearly got washed away once..

it looks really nice and warm. good photography.

Jules said...

dr filomena - "na zdravje" to you too - I don't know how to say it but it is sent with warmth!!!

annie & old tom - I am safe but probably had too much wine!!!!

Erin - it was the Steins on the beach this time!!!!

jilly - red or white??

lavenderlady - would you like a glass of wine while you sit and watch the waves?

mme benaut - you are so right - it was cool and the salt air was so sweet!!!! I didn't take any photos on the dive today as I don't have any under-water camera gear. We saw some lovely stuff though.

m benaut - it is on the eastern coast just near the tip near Wata Beach - another trip!!! It gets buffeted by strong waves so there is no reef.

Anonymous said...

Amazing description of the beach there. I read it with interest and thought how strange people are to let their children come that close to being drowned. It is beautiful scenery and I wonder if those folks know the history of the island? Probably only bits and pieces of it.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Marie said...

The water may not be "swimmer-friendly" but still it is very beautiful and attractive.

Steve Buser said...

Looks a lot like a glass of wine at sunset kind of place.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Denton said...

Goodness what a journey. I'm glad the children are safe. Please keep yourself safe as well. A glass of wine on the beach sounds like the wise choice.

Chuckeroon said...

You remind me of my attempt at swimming in New Guniea.....I was terrified....and those sharp stones under the water i also remmeber.

Jules said...

We have quite a group of us on the beach drinking wine now - I wonder who'll be able to drive home????