Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flowers in a cemetery

This tropical garden is at Bitapaka War Cemetery. The local people keep the place absolutely immaculate and it is a joy to visit.

See previous postings of this cemetery.

Thanks to Denton at Greenville Daily Photo for feeding the cat and posting for me while I am in Vietnam!!


Jilly said...

This is beautiful. Good to see a graveyard kept so well.

quintarantino said...

This isn't beautiful, this is heaven!

Tom said...

I love the colours here, why is it that every where apart from over here war graves are so well looked after. I get so annoyed when I visit a grave yard and see war graves have been vandalised

Steve Buser said...


Marie said...

Certainly more beautiful than our cemeteries.

Jules said...

Hi my friends!!! I am in Sapa waiting for the bus to take us to the train for the overnight trip to Hanoi. Having a wonderful time and spending lots of US dollars!!! So much to see and such wonderful people. Sapa is high up in the mountains with many ethnic groups of people - we trekked to two villages yesterday - was wonderful!!!

So glad to catch up with your comments - you are very loyal!!!

Take care and I will "see you" soon!!!

Cheers from Vietnam - Jules xxxx
PS All the text on this page is in Vietnamese - looks very strange - but your comments are in English thank goodness.

Marie said...

Wow! Jules, I was extremely happy to s see that you had not forgotten me. Thank you, thank you :-))

dive said...

That's a gorgeous display, Denton. It is so good to see the locals keeping the memories alive.

And great to see Jules is having a good time, too.

M.Benaut said...

Ripper, Jules.
It was lovely to get your message on ADP, all the way from Vietnam. I hope the supply of US dollars keeps coming, but I suspect they go further in Vietnam than here in Oz.
I have been checking on Benson and he just lies in the sun all the time. No worries, mate.
Hope you guys get the chance to do that too.
Happy hols !!

Neva said...

The colors are so bright and vibrant here...hope the vacation is going well and Denton hasn't overfed the cat!