Friday, October 19, 2007

All forms of gras

Pidgin is such a descriptive language. Gras is the word for grass, fur, feathers and hair – hair and grass - very similar I think.

So head hair is het gras or gras bilong het (head grass/hair),
if you have a beard it is called maus gras (mouth grass/hair),
and eyebrows of course are ai gras (eye grass/hair)
and so it goes.

A haircut is katim gras (cut the grass)

A hairdresser is Man i save* katim gras bilong het (The man who knows how to cut the hair on your head)

(*save -to know/knowledge - is pronounced “savy”. Me no save - means I don’t know)

He-Who-Doesn't-Blog says that gras bilong het is something he doesn't have to worry about anymore!!!!


Marie said...

The portrait is very beautiful. Better than Andres Serrano's.

The class is interesting too :-)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules,

Just bought about 1 kg of asst mushies fro a risotto - for about Y10 - less than K2. Jealous? BTW - I miss pit-pit - so you have some things we can't get.

Anonymous said...

That was 'saya' Jules from Beijing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post with the language and the photo portrait is stunning to me.

Tom said...

Great morning read for me Jules... I'm now off to visit your new blog... see you there.

M.Benaut said...

Well, I guess that's not HWDB; way too much gras !!

Denton said...

A great post and a funny comment about He-Who-Doesn't-Blog.

Now I'm off to see your photos from Vietnam.

david mcmahon said...

That is a lovely shot, Jules