Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bitten ....and tagged

Yesterday I saw some mushrooms in the supermarket. Now if you look at fact number 8 below, you will see I adore mushrooms. Well to see mushrooms in the shop, as apposed to mushrooms growing on my dirty socks, was quite exciting (we hardly EVER get them here) ....until I saw the price - K85 a kg!!

When they stood me upright (after giving me mouth-to-mouth), I grabbed a bag and gently placed 6 of the best ones (you can imagine the worst if these are the best!!) into it, and crept to the check-out; I was prepared at this stage to sell my old car to acquire these delicacies I might add. They cost me slightly more than I would have got for my car, but I just threw the cash at them and left.

We had them last night, thinly sliced on creamy pasta and pretended they were truffles; they cost about the same but didn't taste as good!!!

By the way I have been tagged by Marie at Montpellier Daily Photo. I normally don't do this sort of thing but this is for Marie!!!

Apparently - these are the rules.
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

Here's 8 Random (not too sure what RANDOM means) Facts about me:
1. I can’t think of 8 things to say. (Good now I have only 7 to think of)
2. I find animal cruelty extremely distressing. I have hand-raised a number of baby birds, and local kids bring sick and baby birds to me to look after, which is a lot better than what used to happen to them!!
3. I speak Pidgin English and French very poorly
4. I travel as often as possible but am allergic to planes. I can mange 3 hours and then I want to get out – no matter how many feet up we are. I break out in a nervous rash, start twitching, and become unpleasant to people sitting within a radius of 6 rows.
5. I have written a book, loosely based on food, friends, travel and family history.
6. Much to HWDB’s horror I collect baskets, artifacts, elephants, shoes, and jewelry!!
7. I come from a very musical family but it seems to have missed me. I do play music very well on my CD player though!!!
8. I adore mushrooms – see above.

Consider yourself tagged – I’d hate to list 8 people, because the ones I haven’t listed will think I think they couldn’t possibly have 8 interesting facts about them worth noting and then everyone will get upset and……… oh that is another fact about me – I hate it when people cry – it makes me weep too!!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, I have been tagged six times with the same tagline and haven't done anything about it. I don't like the idea of having to choose 8 others and pass the whole thing along. I might do it when nobody is looking -- like on the weekend.

Jilly said...

What a beautiful basket holding the mushrooms. I love mushrooms too. Loved your photo yesterday too, Jules.

Interesting tags. I've been tagged too, like Abraham but will eventually get around to it!

dive said...

Yikes, Jules! Those were the best they had?
I'm a fungi fanatic, too. It's autumn up here and the season for gathering wild mushrooms. Fresh cut on a misty Saturday morning they are sublime.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm (sorry).

Chuckeroon said...

I'm really enjoying the new photo on the right, in the side bar!!! The hol did you good.....far less frantic! ;-)

quintarantino said...

Me too, love mushrooms...
Btw us, when are you joining?

Tom said...

Hi Jules..
hope I'm forgiven for my comment about the cave..ha! only joking you know.
I don't do tags... and I don't like passing things on like e mails and such like.
One thing I'd not pass on are Mushrooms... I love them.. I am lucky were have so many... I was going to say we have that many they are growing out of our ears.. but it didn't sound right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules,
When we meet up in April next I'll cook you some mushrooms using Gordon's secret ingredient. I see that the price of imported food to PNG has not changed one bit nor has the quality. Ah how well I remember the days of soggy Sao's and cereal without the snap, crackle, pop.
I look forward to your post on barges as I have collected many stories and been in many of them as a kid.
I read the Post Courier on line last week and an interesting article on a very enterprising PNG lady making an economic killing selling Highland produce in PM. Maybe they could persuade her to set up shop in Rabaul. She sure sounded clever!
Cheers Pia

david mcmahon said...

You paid HOW MUCH for mushies? I used a bagful in some pasta y'day and I think I paid three bucks. How about I go and buy some today and mail 'em to you?!!!

Steve Buser said...

Marie, we seem to have similar tastes. I play piano and guitar, but those who have heard me, say my cd playing is by far my best suit.

Congratulations on getting up the courage to try the mushrooms, even at a high price. It is clear you love to try new things -- even at a high prices.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Steve Buser said...

Oops. I obviously meant Jules. Was thinking about Marie tagging you. Why don't they give you the ability to edit your comments on these blog things.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Jules said...

Pia - yes imported stuff is very expensive especially from Aust - Asian stuff is much cheaper so I use Asian shampoo and conditioner now.
Wish we could get some of the more temperate fruit and veges here from the highlands - don't know why it never gets here????

Dive. Tom & David - I will await the post for the boxes of mushrooms!!!

Chuckeroon - glad you like the photo - I thought it was time to relieve the real me - although photos taken in bad light from a distance are much more flattering these days!!!! The glasses on my head are a true reflection of me - i sometimes walk around the house looking for them and they are on top of my head!!!

Steve - i agree, I often make a mistake on my comments and feel like an idiot. i did one yesterday - accidently left the "w" out of Norwich and couldn't retrieve it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Jules, what's the name of your book? I love the photo but unfortunately, I can't eat mushrooms as I'm allergic to them. On the other hand, I love planes and have my private pilot's licence; not that I can fly anymore (wouldn't pass the medical these days). The music thing missed me too but I'm a great music collector and love listening to all types of music. I'm with you on animal cruelty - nothing makes me angrier. I'm just adding these few things in here because I'm not going to get tagged since "our" blog is actually M.B's blog and if you look at it regularly you will see that this is rather obvious - all those trains and trams and things. xxx Mme

Anonymous said...

You would be in mushroom heaven here, Jules. there are stalls in the market nearby that sell only mushrooms - fresh shitake, pink & grey oyster, enoki, crab mushrooms - and so many others I don't even recognise - plus they are cheap as chips. There are positives to life in Beijing - smog and all!

Marie said...

I like mushrooms. The mushrooms in your photo are cheap here. Why are they so expensive in Rabaul?

We prefer mushrooms we pick up in the woods. Unfortunately I don't know much about them.

Jules said...

saya & marie - I am soooo jealous - (smog and all saya!!!)

CaBaCuRl said...

Yes, yes, I know how you feel. When I was tagged and had to pass it on, i tried to come up with a couple of people who I thought hadn't been tagged yet, so they didn't feel left out! After being tagged the once, I am over it!
ps if it helps, you are the best speaker of pidgin i know, Jules! ;-)

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great post!!