Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fresh is Best!!

These guys were fishing off the beach with their nets

....and a few hours later were selling their catch to the neighbours. The fish were very small though - more bones than flesh by the look. It would be a hard job getting a feed off any of them.

NOTE: The islands region of PNG has been without any mobile, land line or internet service for the last 24 hours due to some major catastrophe in Moresby. This post is just going to scrape in under the title Tuesday!!
Have been unable to visit any of you because of this - maybe tomorrow - it is very late and I'm off to bed!!!!


dive said...

Welcome home, Jules.
Good luck with your internet.
Those fish look yummy. I just ate sashimi for lunch but seeing those makes me hungry again.

Jilly said...

Welcome home, Jules. Great to know you are back.

Tom said...

Hope the internet and all the other stuff is back up soon for.

quintarantino said...

Sorry to know abouit that.
Hope you're back soon.
Between us, and as Popeye would say, "I like´s" the new look!

Tom said...

Wow look at the new picture... sure looking good Jules.. ;)

Neva said...

I like this new picture of you!!! Hope the internet gets up and working for you but isn't it frustrating????

• Eliane • said...

Hope everything gets back to normal real soon. Nice new pic!

Marie said...

Welcome home, Jules. It is frustrating not to have internet access but it is also frustrating not to have such beautiful views as you have :-)) (hope this makes sense - I am still a bit asleep).

CaBaCuRl said...

Hope you get your internet problems sorted out soon. Did that mean that all of PNG was isolated from the world via the "Technology Super Highway"?
Welcome back...I'm sure Benson was so -o pleased to see you. However, cats have a habit of 'punishing' its owner for going away...has that happened to you I wonder?
Jules, when I read your name, I can now at least put a voice to the name , and yes, one day, hope it will be a real face to the name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules'
Gras bilong yu i namba one! Yu yet i swit moa.
Mi sori yet long wia i bagarup. mo betta alageta politician i dai alasem long wia
Lukim yu yet wantok Pia

Bergson said...

When Internet does not function; it is necessary all to leave and to go to fishing or to take photographs.

Good luck for your connection