Saturday, October 6, 2007

Market kaikai

Who needs those horrid plastic take-away kaikai (food) containers when you have banana leaves!!!!

These women have cooked food - including banana, kumu (greens), karkaruk (car-car-ook) chicken, and pis fish, - all wrapped up in cute bio-degradable wrappers to sell at the market.

Denton at Greenville Daily Photo is looking after my blog and feeding the cat while I am away. Hope you can keep visiting and say hi.


Denton said...

My wife and I were commenting, just the other day, on the amount of trash we generate. Most of our trash comes from packaging for food.

Marie said...

Denton is right.

The people in Rabaul have much to teach us.

Tom said...

Great way of packaging take aways, BTW I don't care for the fish... well not with a name like that ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Benson and his friend M Benaut and Denton,

My Princess Luiza was inspired by your adventures on the wia (internet) and tried to displace Gordon at the keyboard. Her campaign was thwarted so she was not able to order that collar with BLING that she saw on eBay the other day. Poor pussy is down-at-the-mouth now! My advice was for her to get a dedicated laptop of her own. Please advise with any ideas of your own being the experienced gentleman you are.
Cheers from Pia and Meow from the Princess.

Lunchtime feasts

There was one enormous pleasure to life when returning to Rabaul during Uni breaks and that was takeaway from Rabaul market. My two favourites were the bundle with avus (meat, usually pig) cooked in coconut milk with kumu, and the one for desert which was ladyfinger bananas again in coconas su su ( coconut milk).There was always a well known village who did the best food and you had to get there at least a half hour early to ensure you could buy their bundles.
The guys at the Volcano Observatory where I worked used to think that I was one long long missus ( crazy white woman) for eating local food.
Sometimes, if one was lucky, you got pit pit in the mix. BLISS.
Memories flood back.
See you soon Jules-in- Vietnam
Cheers Pia

M.Benaut said...

Ripper post, Jules.
I can smell those aromas wafting down Adelaide way.
Don't you just love street stalls !!

Pia, there is nothing worse that a down-in-the-mouth pussy. They just need constant feeding and TLC.
Even though they are suckers for punishment, they adore gentle stroking and encouragement.
You should consider buying a pussy cat keyboard and matching mouse. With a stroke of luck, your pussy should come good.
Benson doesn't agree with me, but he's just not into it.

quintarantino said...

can I have some?

Kerry-Anne said...

Like Denton, I was commenting on this issue to Paul the other day. I hate it every time I have to throw away a piece of packaging, because I know it's going straight to a landfill site somewhere. This seems like an excellent idea - now, how do we convince our local takeaway to wrap our fish and chips in banana leaves???