Wednesday, July 18, 2007

By Dawn's Early Light

I used to be a night person - but alas bloggers must make sacrifices and so I find myself each morning sweating over a new post instead of languishing in my bed snoring!!

Phone lines in PNG are unable to cope with internet usage, and the difficulties in downloading make it imperative that I do my post before people get to work and the phone lines become overloaded. At best I can only download at between 12 and 30Kbps a second and often the line freezes for minutes at a time and drop-outs are a constant frustration. So blog sites that have very large photo files are out of my league unless I get up at 2 am in the morning!!!

But thanks to blogging I now see the dawn more often than I can remember and this morning, while working on a photo I took in town yesterday, I looked out my window and saw this and thought - how can I beat that?


GMG said...

Thanks for your efforts to show us such beautiful pictures!

Kate said...

Oh, the sacrifices we make to blog!! Your photo is definitely worth it. Great shot!!

Steve Buser said...

I have found that even with a quick internet connection this has taken over my life -- always about an hour and 20 minutes each morning working on the post and the photo. Getting up an hour earlier than I used to. And no morning news show. (that's probably a advantage to this.

--steve buser

New Orleans Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

What a beautiful place to live and, no you can't beat that at all !!!
Here's alittle bit of mainland Oz, just for circulation purposes, only.

Happy "reading".

CaBaCuRl said...

Any chance Jules of posting a picture of some of your jewellery? Would love to see it. I love your sunrise...I am very partial to a good sunrise picture. Time was the reason I don't post every day was becoming a chore when i felt I HAD to post every day.

Marie said...

You make us dream with your beautiful photos. After reading your post, I have decided not to make my photos bigger as I intended to do :-))

M.Benaut said...

That's probably a good idea. They take a long time to load. People can click, and aggrandise them in any case, if they wish.
I hope the fires in the south of France are under contol. We do not get news of them in Australia, and possibly New Guinea.
Jules will probably agree with me, that we are so insular in our part of the world.

Denton said...

Beautiful photo and very positive attitude displayed in that you found a benefit is having to post early ... You might try posting several drafts during the weekend then publishing a draft each day such that your morning sleep is less disrupted ... Another option is to switch to WordPress which supports scheduled post.

Jules said...

GMG and Kate - thanks for your comments and support

Marie - thanks you so much - I would hate to miss your pictures!!!

Denton - good ideas there - will look into those!!!!

M Benaut - I agree with insular but up here we do get Australian channels on cable TV and the BBC Aljazeer and DW-Tv which does help.

Steve - yeah I used to watch morning TV as well. The problem will be next week when I have to go back to work - that will curtail my visits to other blogs as it takes me hours to open the sites and post a message!!!!

Cabcurl - Have started collected bits to photograph!!!
Cheers all!!!

Anonymous said...

I suffered through a slow connection here in Germany. They finally got DSL. Things are much better at the moment. Lovely photo.