Saturday, July 14, 2007

Light through sea glass shines

Haven’t been out of the house to take any photos the last few days so today I thought I’d take one inside the house instead. This tray of sea glass is on my kitchen window sill where the light can shine through, highlighting the glorious colours. I adore sea glass but it can only be found on the surf-side of the island, as the reef on this side prevents any getting washed up on the beach.

I was amazed to discover that there is so much ado about sea glass. In America there is a Sea Glass Association which has a Sea Glass Festival in October each year in Santa Cruz – what fun!!! It is all very serious stuff though with a $1 000 award for the best shard of sea glass. On the net there are heaps of sites for sea glass jewelry, books, bulk orders, etc - more sites to while away the hours in!!


M.Benaut said...

You surely have paradise both on the window sill and beyond. Potatoes in foil and sausages properly singed. One could wish for little else.
The trams and French culture can't hold a candle to this. Keep up the hard work and .... Happy Bastille Day; I think it matters little in Rabaul !

Anonymous said...

I never thought about it, but sea glass being popular makes sense.

Marie said...

Wow, that's beautiful. You are an artist :-))

Anonymous said...

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