Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday - I'll be here!!

We are off on a catamaran for the weekend so will be unable to post tomorrow, so thought I’d do it today instead.

This is the catamaran we will be fishing, diving, and snorkeling from. We are sailing around to the other side of the island with friends to camp on a small deserted island called Swallows. We will anchor off-shore, and spend the night on the beach with a big fire, a BBQ and a couple bottles of wine!

Note: Volcano – Mt Tavurvur is the small puffing mountain on horizon.


Paul said...

Hey Jules, has the rain and strong wind finally left? It looks like the day on the catamaran was really cool.

Your mention of a BBQ reminded me of our visit to Sydney. We went with family to a park where the LP gas cookers are provided by the city. From what I picked up people in Sydney don't often have BBQs with real wood and fire.

I'm glad to hear that you were to have a "beach with a big fire". It must have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul The rain has gone but it is very windy!!!
Yes people who live in cities in Australia tend to use gas but I'm a country girl so we like the real thing.
Nothing like fire and coals to cook on - we have billy tea and potatoes in foil and usually burnt sausages - yum!!! Smoke helps keep the insects away too - bonus!

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me... Look out for the smoking mountain.

Planet Earth Daily Photo.

Percy said...

Great Photo. I love sailing, but have not done a lot, stuck in Oxford.