Friday, July 13, 2007

How much is that coffin in the window??

Have had to drag myself out of bed to make this post today - am sick in bed with the flu. So thought this post was very relevant.

This sign is on the Rabaul-Kokopo road and always makes me smile when I see it. The gentleman has a number of beds for sale but always just a coffin. I always wonder if he sells one and then makes another, or if it has been just the same old coffin languishing there all these years. Whatever - I may just ring him and ask him the measurements - I feel so bad, I might need it!!


Anonymous said...

That is an interesting line of work. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you feel better soon.

Marie said...

Hello Jules, I hope you have recovered now. Is it winter where you are now?

Your post made me laugh. Coffins for sale!!!!!!

Jules said...

Thanks Steve & Marie - I do feel better so have cancelled the coffin order!!!
Marie - because we live 5 degrees south of the Equator we only have a wet and a dry season - at the moment it is the dry which means it is still 22 - 30 degree temperatures each day but it is not as humid. I do miss the change of seasons and enjoy going home (to Australia) when the weather is cooler.