Friday, July 6, 2007

Danger from Above!

The rain has cleared but the winds are high.

These coconuts in the plantation next to us are really getting blown around. At this time of the year we get the cooler, drier south-easters - a relief from the humidity of The Wet. However the Tree of Life (the coconut ) often becomes the Tree of Death during this time, with coconuts falling on people!!! When you park your car here you always look up to make sure you aren’t under one – they make a mess of vehicles too!!!

Coconuts are called the Tree of Life because every bit of the tree is used (including the roots) - for oil, food, matting, timber, building material, insulation, household items, jewelry, bilums (bags), and medicine – the list goes on and on!!!!


Kerry-Anne said...

That's really interesting - the company Paul works for (an insurance company) is running an ad at the moment in which they mention the chances of all kinds of things happening to you, statistically speaking. One of those things is "being hit on the head by a falling coconut". It's very funny in the ad, but I guess not so funny when it really happens - I imagine they can be pretty destructive!

Well done on getting the blog up and running - the pics I've seen so far look GREAT!

Jules said...

Thanks Kerry-anne - it is all very challenging and exciting!!!

Neva said...

YOu should join the City Daily Phot Blog...youare alreadydoing all the right things! go here to register!

lovely blog.