Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunset from housing development

This place is the sunset capital of the world. Every afternoon from my verandah, as I look across the water, there is a sunset I could post the next morning. But the other afternoon on our walk, I thought – Wow this is something special! But I didn’t have the camera – Murphy’s Law again!!! So I raced home and grabbed it.

Usually my sunset photos are of the sky and the water but this is the first series I have taken the other way. They have cleared a whole new residential area behind us which has opened up the view to the west now - perfect for sunset photos!

In each photo I took over a period of five minutes, the sky was a different colour. This is the pink/blue version and it is exactly how it came out of the camera – no cropping, no enhancement, no colour adjustments, zilch! The next one is even better but that can be for another day.


Tom said...

The colours are beatiful, and the picture is made all the better for the tree line. I look forward to seeing another one soon.

Shanghai girl said...

Hi Jules, You really should try body surfing at Raiven, it's the best fun though it can be hairy over the reef. I wish I'd taken photo's of Rabaul but the young never think that they'll ever leave Paradise. Where exactly are you between Kokopo and Rabaul? Are you near Vulcan or further along near the basalt drop where the Japanese used to anchor their subs?
I uased to work at the Rabaul Observatory before uni. I note that one of your photo's was obviously taken from that vantage point. The road up was a horror especially in the Wet. Our old house was on Namanula Hill Rd; all gone I guess now. I see they've built a monument at the lookout point halfway up. Did Government House survive the eruption?

Jules said...

pia - I'm at Takubar Beach on the other side of Kokopo - wonderful spot on white sand beaches with a view over to Rabaul.
The road up to the Observatory is fine now - all sealed.
Not sure about Government house but Namanula Hill is desolate except for the Japanese Observatory (a previous post)
Where are you living now???

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Beautiful shot, Jules. Followed your link from Annie little rock photo blog.

Like you, I post lots of photographs, never enhance them. Posted a great series on our winter equinox sunset, June 21.

Look forward to visiting again.



Anonymous said...

Housing development. Somehow that doesn't seem possible. Is there enough industry or work there to keep people occupied? Are homes there priced like they are here or in the states—sky high?

It is a lovely sunset and that must be nice to see. My horizon here extends across the street to the neighbor's house.

Thanks for the visit to my blog today. Nice to see you there.

CaBaCuRl said...

Lovely photo, Jules. Call me boring, but I LOVE sunrise/sunset/weather photos...sigh...yeh, yeh, I know, i need to get a life! LOL!Am enjoying Pia's correspondence with you tremendously.

Lizzy said...


M.Benaut said...

That's a great sunset, Jules.
Do you have a sealed road to Rabaul from your location?

david mcmahon said...

Wow, you're a Queenslander! What a small world.

Adding you to my blogroll immediately. Love the range of shots, especially the `anyone seen my car' shot!

Jules said...

m benaut - yeah all sealed but in some sections The Wet caused huge mud slides earlier in the year which have left the road a bit damaged in places. if you look back at my 2nd or 3 rd post in July you can see what I mean by mud on the road.

david - yes i am a Banana Bender Queenslander - and I am still a banana bender living up here I guess!!!
Am really chuffed to be added to your blog roll - what an honour!!!!

Annie said...

Jules, I just learned two new things about your today. You're an Australian native and you wear pretty underthings. I already knew you took gorgeous sunset photos (and you proved that again here).

Lavenderlady said...

You live in a magical place...I am green with envy.

Neva said...

you live in a very beautiful if not exotic place...still don't like the bugs....but there you have it!

fotoface said...

SO here i am very nice photo's
did not see any sexy underware.
see i said what the others didn't.

ok fantastic photos, your so lucky to have beautiful sunshine island.

Anonymous said...

very pretty.

dont get sunsets like that down here. miss them alot.

Anonymous said...

Your Sunset photos are mesmerising...
You cannot have too many of those :)

Planet Earth Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

Bit of a relief to hear you don't shop at Chico's.
Seems a bit un-Australian really. Just keep up the good work and don't be influenced by the yanks or we'll all become the 53rd state !!!

Denton said...

I can't wait for the next photo given "The next one is even better but that can be for another day" ... It is possible the volcano you mentioned earlier has put ash into the air resulting in these outstanding colors?

Rogério Freitas Sousa said...

beautiful picture.

Jules said...

denton - yes I am sure that is why we have such amazing skies here. i guess there has to be some benefit for putting up with the rumbling giant!!!

erin - hi love not long until you see them again!!!

rich - you're back - how wonderful will call in and say hi!!!!

m benaut - yeah, us Aussi sheilas
know how to look after ourselves and look orright for our blokes.

hi directriz - welcome to rabaul thanks for dropping in!!!!

Eduardo Waghorn said...

Wonderful Sunset...are you living at Papúa???

Rogério Freitas Sousa said...

the pleasure is also mine.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I'm afraid Jules our planes will cross into sky. If you would like to come back here (where you will be more than welcomed) I *for sure* will come there one day !