Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soak up the green

This grove of palms and coconuts is on the Kerevat/Kokopo road and is a typical sight around here. Denton at Greenville Daily Photo is looking after my blog and feeding the cat while I am away. Hope you can keep visiting and say hi.


Tom said...

This picture reminds me of a favourite polices programme 'Hill Street Blues'

It would start with the roll call and the words 'Becareful out there.. which in turn reminds me of this. 'it's a jungle'

Jilly said...

Love this. Keep expecting a monkey to pop its head around the corner..

Anonymous said...

Hi Benson and friends,
Is that you up the coconas? As there are no monkeys in PNG I hope you have been practising hard with your tail. Your swinging through the trees would definitely complete the picture
.I want you chaps to know that I'm still hoping to receive an explanation re the seeming long distance feeding of Benson via the wia (internet).
Cheers Pia

dive said...

Glorious shot.
That would make a killer jigsaw puzzle.

quintarantino said...

Now that's something worth seeing. And yes it would give a wonderful jigsaw. Not an easy one, but onderful...

M.Benaut said...

Benson says to tell you that the internet is really just a human version of Dial-a-Pizza.
While Jules and HWDB have been cruisin' round Thailand, Tibet and Texas, Benson has been having a field day ordering pussy-cat food over the internet.. He asked our cat, Felix for a few pointers and found out that with a bit of practice he could sashay round the keyboard; no worries. Soon as Denton's gone he gets on the blower and orders anything his little pussy-cat heart desires.
Sometimes it backfires, like yesterday. He ended up with a Russian bride. Poor boy. I can't repeat what he told me in confidence. He sort-of, had egg on his face. Now I'm keeping Felix away from the computer while I'm at work. The two of them simply can't be trusted. There's nothing worse than a bad pussy, just ask Benson.