Thursday, July 12, 2007

Diving in the depths

Am doing a dive course at the moment, which is very exciting. Diving around Rabaul is fabulous with 28 degree water temperatures, great visibility and a brilliant array of fish and corals. Much of the diving is found in pristine natural areas without the damage of over-tourism. There are some spectacular wall dives and many World War II wrecks to explore as well.

A number of dive resorts operate around the province and there are a number of live-aboard dive boats traveling between dive sites. We are getting more and more divers coming this way as the secret leaks out.

This is a beautiful featherstar taken on a dive in Blanche Bay, Rabaul by Martin.


Anonymous said...

The colours are beautiful down there...

Planet Earth Daily Photo.

Steve Buser said...

Very cool shot.

About your question on
New Orleans Daily Photo of "what is a beignet?"

The beignet is a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. They are served in orders of three. A lot of companies make them these days, but in my opinion, no one can match the Cafe Du Monde -- it's a tourist spot and a spot for the locals right at the foot of Jackson Square opposite the St. Louis Cathedral.

Jules said...

Steve that sounds so yummy. When I am feeling better I might make an order - would they deliver to PNG??