Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mt Tavurvur

This is our local active volcano Mt Tavurvur. Luckily it doesn't always look like this and at the moment is fairly quiet. In 1994 however, it and Mt Vulcan erupted simultaneously and devastated most of Rabaul town, which at that time was one of the most beautiful spots in the Pacific. Will post more photos another day of what is left of the town.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing image/cloudscene... Awe-inspiring...

Unknown said...

Yes, very beautiful indeed.

Seeing this does bring back alot of memories.

Jules, where in Rabaul are you at?


Jules said...

apinum Dorish
I am at Takubar Beach - beautiful spot!! Where were you living??

Unknown said...

boina malana (good morning) Jules,
wow! that is a beautiful spot with nice views! Lucky you.

I one lived in a village called Talvat (Rabaul town side) with my grannies. The village was deserted after the twin volcanoe eruptions in 1994.
The las time i was home- in 2003.

I see you speaking Tokpisin, gutpla!


yournotalone said...

What a cloud

M.Benaut said...

If you like, I would be pleased to post your shots while you go on Hols.
Send me a note to

We can discuss it.

Unknown said...

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