Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Ginger

My garden is only small but it is full of many tropical plants – some of which I even planted, but many of which just seem to appear?? Ginger is a plant that grows like a weed in the garden. Ginger plants have luxuriant glossy leaves and vibrant flower heads making them great cut flowers for the house. There are many varieties including those that look like globes, shells and honey combs. This one is just called Red Ginger.

I use ginger in cooking a lot, and my Dad used to make Ginger Beer. The best part for us when we were kids, (as we didn’t like the taste of it), was hearing the bottles exploding in the laundry and my mother getting annoyed about the mess!!! Click on Ginger Beer above for a link to a recipe.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog Jules - and the superb photos. What a beautiful life you must have in such an unspoilt place.

Marie said...

Ah ah, you are a pretty lady but because of your name I thought you were a guy.... :-))

Pretty flower. How lucky you are!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get over the flu soon. It can be miserable ... This really does not seem like the right time of the year for the flu. And I was not aware that the flu season changed around the world ... Your post about the coffin for sell was funny.
July 15, 2007 9:56 PM

Jules said...

Merci beaucoup mme benaut & marie for all your support - this is all very new and I am a bit of a dinosaur with computers. Phonelines in PNG are so slow too and often drop out, so it is very difficult to download stuff and complete tasks !!!

Sorry Denton but I had to move your comment. The photo of me was there to get the URL for the profile but I couldn't get rid of it!! Your comment was too nice to delete so I moved it into this post when I finally managed to delete the photo - hope you don't mind!!!!

M.Benaut said...

There is one thing that puzzles us all, and that is "Les Noms".
I would never vote for Jean Marie Le Pen as this man has a girl's name.
I have both an Aunt Jean and an Aunt Marie.
En Australie we shorten many names and often 'Julie" becoms Jules. Maybe Jules is really Julietta or maybe she just loves jewells. En tous cas, that is the Australian way.
( I DID NOT vote for le Pen, Pfffffh)
Les traductions peuvent être très drôles de temps en temps, non ?

Julietta/ Jules/ Jewells,
I have forgotten what I was going to say because I was having so much fun with Marie from Montpellier. I hope she will not be too angry with me or think I am a Nazi. I really should not be talking about translations to such a professional Lady. I reckon that I'm going to cop it now, and I have nowhere to hide.
Nice ginger flower, by the way !!!!!

Jules said...

M Benaut - you are very clever!!! My name is Julie and I do love jewels - in fact I used to make jewelry!!!
I do love how Australians are so into nicknames though and I love their weird sense of humour - eg If you have red hair you are called Blue and if you are short they call you Lofty!!!!

PS You are most welcome to hide here!!!!

Marie said...

Oh no, I'm not angry. Why would I be angry ? :-)) You made me laugh (M. Benaut and Jules). I was surprised to read that JMLP was "famous" even in Australia :-))

As you know our language focuses more on gender than the English language. Even objects have gender in French. I love the idea that our Jules is a girl/lady. It is a very modern idea. Jules is an old name that is now very trendy again.

In French "jules" has also become a common noun. It means boyfriend. Je n'ai pas de jules, snif snif :-))

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely weed. My grandfather made some home brew. I remember hearing the bottles explode out in the shed where he stored them.