Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry sir your flight is delayed!

....and for today ..... something totally contrasting from the last few posts.
This is the view from the old Rabaul airport across the water to the volcano. In all directions there is total devastation and everything is buried under metres of ash. The rocks you can see are pumice and even very large rocks are incredibly light. It is all very surreal!


Steve Buser said...

Sorry to see so much destruction. Coming from New Orleans, I can understand that it takes a good while to build things back.

Jules said...

Hi Steve - The volcanic eruption that devastated Rabaul occurred in 1994 and because the volcano is still active there are areas that will never be rebuilt there. The airport was rebuilt about a 45/50 minute drive at the other end of the bay.

Paul said...

Jules, the pastel colouring of this photo is awesome. Asside from the actual devistation, it's a really pretty picture.

Sam Anderson said...

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